A little introduction….

Hi! If you have found this website then you have unfortunately came across a “Foamer” or a gaggle of “Foamers”. What is a Foamer you ask? A “Foamer” is a person who froth formed from saliva in the mouth when discussing pit bulls and how evil they are and how their owners are damned to hell.

Yes, there are groups that spend every waking hour finding ways to kill dogs based on their breed and to torture their owners.  I totally understand that not every one has to like every breed of dog or like dogs at all. Hell, there are some dogs I find incredibly annoying BUT that doesn’t mean I want to kill them or torture them. Well, these special class of people talk daily about shooting, poisoning, running over, stabbing, setting on fire, raping (I know… WTF), and anything else you can think of doing to the dog.

When I tell people about some of the horrific and insane comments that are made they have trouble believing me until I send them a copy of the screen shot. Now… I’m sharing them with you.


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