You know what is scary (and usually an epic failure)? When BSL/Foamers attempt to think.

The dog/cat meat trade in Asia is filled with unspeakable horror. Dogs are rounded up off streets, stolen from homes and shoved into cages.
The dogs are transported within Thailand on small pick up trucks often with 160 dogs plus per truck. After being loaded on to boats and smuggled across the Mekong River they are then loaded on to larger trucks in Laos often carrying in excess of 1,600 dogs per truck. The result is that many die from suffocation and injuries sustained but in reality these are the lucky ones. The survivors generally have material forcibly pumped into their stomachs to increase their weight and hence value. It is not uncommon for dogs to be tortured and cooked alive in the mistaken belief that the increased adrenalin produced tenderizes the meat. It is normal practice to kill or cook dogs individually in full view of others awaiting the same fate.” – the Trade of Shame-

So- who thinks this is an acceptable way of treatment? BSL/ members- of course.

Raise your hand if you are shocked?
What’s questionable- is that a professional lawyer agrees with that statement.

Mr. Kenneth Phillips from dog bite law- finds shipping pit type dogs over seas to be tortured and killed an acceptable solution.

They think this abuse is acceptable (::: WARNING- GRAPHIC IMAGES THAT ARE DISTURBING:::)

This is what BSL Advocates promote.

They are thrilled with the idea of having our dogs lives end like this.

This is the face of & Daxton’s Friends. This is their agenda.

2 thoughts on “China

  1. China is disgusting in this tradition. I watched a documentary about a charity that goes out there to save these poor dogs. If anyone is going to support a charity that will be the one…..


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