Aw…(The Way it was Meant to Be)

(*Originally the number 66 was used, which our favorite Willy Billy pointed out was incorrect- even though he loves to tell me- “no one reads your blog anyways bitch”.- but he sure does…..)

You know what’s super duper sweet? When Foamers sit around and pat each other on the back.

Freda has a dogs. Dobermans. Even though they were responsible for 9 deaths from 1979 to 1998- that’s okay cuz they are not those damned pit bulls! Well, according to victims advocate Willy Billy- that’s not SO bad. 9 mauling deaths from a large powerful dog is doable (now, since many maulings are done by multiple mixed breeds that are labeled “pit mixes” the death toll could very be much higher.). Who knows just how many attacks and injuries on humans and dogs since according to many dog attacks go unreported.
Isn’t it nice how these pit hating BSL advocates don’t condemn her for having dogs that are capable of fatalities. Not a big deal- being mauled by a Doberman isn’t as bad as….?

Wait- what? So- it’s fine if another breed bites or defends itself… Just not pit bulls. Got it.

According to Daxton’s Friends– “In North America, from 1982-2013, Akitas and their mixes have been responsible for 75 serious attacks on humans that resulted in 8 fatalities. Forty-two of the victims were children. “- but THOSE are ok because…. They are not done by pit bulls, right Mr. Sloan?

Are you noticing a pattern here? It’s fine if they own dogs that have bitten, attacked and have left 9+ countless others people dead- cuz ATLEAST it’s not the same as a pit bull.


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