Measles vs Pit Bulls

Are you looking as confused as me? What do measles and pit bulls have in common? Absolutely nothing, but the realize that because we are normal people, but when it comes too BSL advocates, it’s just another “let’s find something totally not like pit bulls and compare them” topic.

Makes no sense, right?

…. So, exposing children, newborns and terminally ill individuals to a deadly preventable disease is as bad as having pit bulls & children?

How does that compare to Dog Bite Fatalities for a 9 year span?
In the 9-year period from 2005 to 2013, pit bulls killed 176 Americans, about one citizen every 18.6 days.”- according to

When you compare the history of measles vs. pit bulls, measles wins as the deadlier of the two with body counts well within millions. From 1855 to 2005- measles have killed over 200 million people world wide. In 1850- Measles killed 20 percent of Hawaii’s population and In 1875, measles killed over 40,000 Fijians, approximately one-third of the population.

But you know…. that’s TOTALLY not as bad as pit bulls. I mean, a disease that has a history of killing millions of people is nothing compared to pit bulls.

Well, we call you Foamers for more reasons than that… but you are on the right track…

I’m totally offended too! I’m totally offended that Lorena’s unvaccinated children are running amuck and are walking Petri dishes with only God knows what while my innocent dog is sleeping on the couch being compared to a deadly disease.

Guess how many deaths my dog caused in 1980?

What’s even better, guess how many deaths from 1980 to 2015 my dog is responsible for?

Makes total sense to compare dogs to a deadly communicable air born disease.

Offended! So gosh darn offended! I mean, how dare supervising parents (or grandparents) take pictures with their kids and dogs. That HORRIFIC action is totally worse than an infected person coughing, sneezing, or sharing food or drinks. It’s not that measles virus can travel through the air. I mean it can’t mean that you can get measles if you are near someone who has the virus even if that person doesn’t cough or sneeze directly on you, right?

Yeah! Cuz’ BSL advocates never EVER use their one functioning brain cell to make derogatory comments about ANYTHING, riiiight?
BSL advocates spreading hysteria? Shocking…….


8 thoughts on “Measles vs Pit Bulls

  1. Good grief….there are several in the group that have NOT vaccinated their child and have the audacity to proclaim my dog is more dangerous than their possibly infected child???!!!
    Here’s my conditions to them having an unvaccinated child. This child must be kept in a totally enclosed area of their house with its own ventilation system and purificatiin air handlers. The parents must go through a detoxification process after handling the child. If the child is going out in public it must be in a biohazard suit, muzzled and leashed so it cannot escape possibly ripping the suit and releasing potentially infectious bodily fluids. This child may not be around other children except for children also not vaccinated.


  2. I’m sure they would say my measures are extreme. Hmmm let’s see, measles killed more people in one day, globally 400, than pit buls did for a 9 year period in the US. So NO what I am saying should be done is not extreme at all, it should be enforced.


  3. Here’s what most people (who have not studied the vaccine issue) don’t grasp about the way vaccines work (or don’t): there are two types of vaccines, K? Live (attenuated) virus vaccines, and killed (inactivated) virus vaccines. What this means is that when you get a live virus vaccine (MMR, chicken pox are two examples), you are getting some of the live virus injected into your bloodstream. This not only means you can catch the disease FROM the vaccine if you have a weak immune system, but it ALSO means you can “shed” (spread) the disease to others around you. This HAPPENS, which is why the AAP finally mandated that the live virus polio vaccine stop being used in the US…because people were getting polio from the vaccine.

    Now, think of all these little VACCINATED kids walking around, shedding measles and chicken pox (and formerly Polio too, when they still gave the OPV) to those around them.

    And you think the UNvaccinated are the risky ones?


      1. Because both sides spout “pretend facts” to appear intelligent, all the while, having absolutely no idea of what they are talking about. I also read somewhere that if you are walking a pit bull, while menstruating, to go get your MMR, you are automatically Satanic.


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