What have you accomplished?

It looks like the Founder of Daxton’s friends wants to go toe to toe with a well established rescue and throw down.


We should discuss these supposed victims the our doggies are creating. I know my doggies haven’t created any “victims” and I know millions of others of those doggies that haven’t created any victims- but I do know many doggies that have become victims due to Borchardt & his hate group.

I would pay to see Tia hand Borchardt his ass in a public debate. You know why? All anyone has to do is ask Borchardt one question:

What have you done?

Let’s look at it:

Tia Torres:

  1. Owns & operates Villalobos Rescue Center.
  2. Created a Hospice for dying/terminal dogs so they can live comfortably.
  3. Rescues every breed of dog- not just pit bulls.
  4. Promotes education about pit bulls based off facts and not fear such as this info.
  5. Served in the military
  6. Became a youth gang counselor for Los Angeles.
  7. Created a program to rescue swamp dogs.
  8. Advocates s/n programs
  9. Supports better training programs for dogs/dog owners.
  10. Chooses to motivate and educate others to make  positive difference.
  11. Has one of the most successful shows on animal planet with millions and millions of fans.


  1. Became a DJ
  2. Sold some dope
  3. Drove drunk
  4. Founded a Facebook hate group called The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine
  5. Harassed people
  6. Successfully stalked and continues to stalk NCRC members.
  7. Typed a letter blaming everyone but the actual person responsible for the death of his child. 
  8. Created a Facebook hate page the exposes and exploits children of pit bull owners.
  9. Successfully mocked and partook in bullying multiple families that lost a child due to a dog attack.
  10. Created Daxton’s Friends with the sole purpose to eradicate pit bulls. 
  11. Stalked and harassed rescue owners from Colorado

Borchardt rambles on about “3,000 unwanted pit bulls” being euthanized daily but we know that he wants the number higher. He has no problem whatsoever discussing methods and reasons why pit bull types should all be euthanized.  That includes:

  • Bull Mastiff
  • ABPT
  • American/English Stafs.
  • American Bulldogs
  • Olde English Bull Dogs
  • Dogo
  • Cano
  • Any dog mixed with above breed

Unlike Torres, who promoted education, real education that includes the good and bad of the breed- Borchardt promotes one thing- spaying and neutering all of those breeds out of existence. 


Wait, isn’t Borchardt a repeat offender?  Oh, I get it- Borchardt is just responsible drug dealing DJ’ng drunk? Totally not a criminal…because selling drugs is totally legal… Oh wait- it’s not.


But realistically, who is Borchardt kidding? He wouldn’t have the balls to even confront Tia on a public and televised setting. He cancels every oppritunity to debate or even speak on a platform that would make him defend his view points with experts. Go ahead, pout all you want, make your petitions:



We know and Tia’s camp knows all about your intentions to show up with thousands and thousands of pro pit bull people with your anti-pit bull propaganda….


What are you going to do Borchardt? Blame Tia and her family for your child’s death too? Go ahead- and like everyone else who you’ve stalked and blame, they will ignore you and keep making the world a better place, and you and your hate group will sit in your personal hell festering and eventually withering away into nothing.

7 thoughts on “What have you accomplished?

  1. Also, I meant to tell you that there’s a bitch playing both sides and she needs to be called out so she will get the fuck out. Her name is Miracle Webb and her husband is Christopher Webb. I’ve seen her in the group Pit Bull Propaganda Machine Revealed and a couple of pro pit groups. She’s a white trash backyard breeder. I’m sure she remembers me. ;) I have a gallery of pics from King Badass Kennel in Missouri. A video of one of her pits chained to a tire, pens stacked on top of each other with no visible signs of food or water and the dog is panting, screenshots of her asking for advice about why one of her bitch’s nipples hung so low, and much more. She was reported for running a puppy mill several times (yep that was a couple friends and I, Miracle Whip, you’re welcome) but it’s my understanding the SPCA didn’t even investigate although their were several violations clearly evidenced in many of the screenshots of their living conditions.

    I’m telling you this because I just saw her in the PBPMR group and I thought she took off long ago. I could careless who feels what about me. Chances are most of you disgust me anyway. But, despite what you people assume most of you barely know a thing about me except that I’m a psychotic bitch when I’m pissed. Get over it!!! I’m strongly opposed to animal abuse and Miracle Whip is paying for her filthy shit hole with her earnings from the pups. If you live in Missouri toss a grenade into her shit hole for me.


      1. Yes, her name is Miracle Webb. I’m sorry I’m seeing this so late but I will be happy to send you screenshots tomorrow. The 3rd and final report I made to the SPCA included 3 brand new contracts to breed 3 of their bitches all about the same time. When they wouldn’t respond to my emails regarding a follow-up I blew up their page with hate speech and shared them to pages that “weren’t very welcoming” as one employee stated. That’s why I shared your page there, fucktards. I also informed them that Missouri was ranked in the top 3 for puppy mills and obviously they were content holding that title.


  2. Well where do I begin. Parenting skills DJ left his kid with an irresponsible sitter. Our pit bulls did not kill his child. Sonya Del Rio Cerezo, you need to research a little more because your generalizations are so far off. Jimes, you’re not going to get the show removed.

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