Form Follows Function

I swear to all that is unholy, if I read Rachel Simas attempting to sound semi intelligent one more time- I just might have to mentally punch her in the throat.


First off- what is Form follows Function? (Pay attention Rachel.)

“Form follows Function is a principle associated with modernist architecture and industrial design in the 20th century. The principle is that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose.”

Basically, Form follows Function effects everything from buildings, athletes, animals, cars… IF they are built/designed for said purpose.

Now, let’s explore why the majority of “pit bull” owners have an a issue with Rachel rambling on about this.

Just because something IS something doesn’t mean it will do what it COULD be capable of doing.

By converting this example to Form Follows Function, a woman’s body is built to have the capability of conceiving children. However, because nothing is absolute- millions of women are unable to conceive and/or carry a child full term.

 Now, I know Rachel is sitting behind her computer saying, “Ohmygerd- I’m talking about dogs, duh!” – I’m getting to that part right now, sit tight.

When it comes to dog breeds, purebreds are bred with the intention of looking and behaving a certain way (I covered this topic briefly in a previous post. ) – and because nothing is absolute when it comes to genetics and hereditary the form follows functions formula can be a hit or miss all thanks to the Bell Curve.


When this applies to dog breeds, dogs have the potential to look and behave in so many different ways. Behavior/Temperament can be based off all genetics, genetics & environment or strictly environmental. Simplified-

Physically- every single dog’s physical form has the inherent capability to kill. Dogs are carnivores and each dog have the capability of maiming and/or killing. Every dog has jaws- “The function of the jaws and teeth is to grab, hold, kill, and consume prey. All dogs have jaws and teeth. ”

Form follows Function tells us: Every dog has the capability to injure or kill you. Common sense tells you: larger and more powerful breeds has the capability to injure or kill you far easier than smaller dogs. History tells you that it’s not breed specific.

It’s not that we don’t understand Form follows Function Rachel, we just don’t understand why you keep going on about something you obviously have no clue on.


8 thoughts on “Form Follows Function

  1. Is she that lightbulb dating the weird ex Marine? That would explain a lot if so. I cant keep up with all their multitudes of fake profiles and stupid pages so I basically ignore them now. I find them.pretty much irrelevant. They spend so much time arguing on facebook and how important is that in terms of real life? Not very.

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  2. O-o-oh, form EQUALS function. Welp, time to play a rousing game with my cousin’s novelty football-shaped phone, have a delicious meal of the wax fruit off my aunt’s mantelpiece, and finally a nice romantic interlude with the cardboard cutout of Colin Firth from my best friend’s hen party.


  3. Hahahaaa! Yeah, on when I first saw her comment on that screen shot I thought the same thing! “Did Louis Sullivan design pit bulls?” lol

    But this isn’t the only time I have wanted to put the Inigo Montoya meme in a comment to this idiot. “You keep using that word . . . .”

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