Spam by any other name is still Spam

Sorry Borchardt- nobody is trying to censor your usual bullsh@t,  but if they are- Pame is on the case!

  Ladies and Gentlemen, please excuse Pame- she’s twacked out on craziness. This is exactly the reason why these people needed to strapped in straight jackets and thrown in a padded cell in Hell. 

Although I do agree with one thing- my dog’s gas could be considered a WOMD. Bottle those fumes up and throw it in Pames house- probably knock the bat sh@t craziness right out of her.

6 thoughts on “Spam by any other name is still Spam

  1. Let me get this straight…Pame reported to FaceBook that domestic terrorists were reporting Bogart’s site in order to kill American citizens by fighting breed dogs… Alright then. I’m pretty sure anyone at FB, if they actually read her *report* laughed their butt off and called others over to share the hilarity. And BTW Pame, false reporting of terrorists threats can actually get you into really big trouble. Tidbit I learned from my retired FBI uncle.

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