….You want to know why BLS and Breed bans will never prevent dog bites and dog bite fatalities? The answer is pretty simple… Because human are irresponsible idiots. Time and time again, on YouTube and Facebook confirms irresponsible dog ownership and irresponsible parenting are not breed specific.


Go ahead and each the video yourself right here

In a perfect world… Wait, scratch that- even in a perfect world, there is nothing cute about that video. I don’t care what breed the dog is- I don’t care if you think you are the best freaking dog expert- I don’t care if your pooch is the sweetest dog ever… By letting your infant your precious bundle of joy do what it’s doing, video taping it AND posting it- you are telling the world your ego and amusement is more important than your child’s safety.

What blows me away is people thinking that behavior is normal and just fine!


If your dog would bite because it’s annoyed…

How about if it nips or bites because someone just jammed a finger in it’s eye? That would be because it was in PAIN. The problem is twits like Skye who fail to realize that their dog is an animal. Who the f@ck thinks it’s normal to play with your dog’s gums?!


It’s one thing for a adult to stick their hands on their dogs mouth but an infant’s? I’m sick and tired of hearing idiots justify bad behavior because the pooch is a cute elderly golden retriever.

If that dog’s breed was on the inaccurate dangerous breed list I know group of frothing ignorant BLS advocates that would be screaming CPS!!! Buuuutttt..according to those morons- if that large dog did bite that small infant, it totally couldn’t KILL that child… or seriously maim him, riiiiight? Oh wait….


…. It can.

Trust- can you really trust anything 100%- especially animals? I trust my dog to be… exactly that- a dog. That’s great that the infant isn’t hurt this time- but the next child might not be so lucky. If you want to talk about dangerous propaganda then let’s discuss situations like this.  Let’s discuss just how dangerous videos like this can be.

Maybe the next parent who watched this video and finds it cute put their child next to their family dog to poke, tug, yank and climb on won’t be as lucky…

This is why I say BLS advocates push dangerous propaganda- because they will never speak out against this behavior based on breed alone. It’s fiiiiine if that pooch bites that infant- not a big deal that the dog could kill that infant with one bite because atleast it wasn’t a pit bull… Which is exactly what they would tell these parents or any other if a non pit type dog were to injure or kill a child…


Yes Scott, many times it is theg owners fault… But if he doesn’t believe it’s the owners fault why would he call CPS? Oh, that’s right- because he hates a certain breed. You know what? If you live in his neck of the woods-


….and he made false claims to CPS about your family- I hope you sue the sh@t out of him. I hope you own his company-



Just how are BSL advocates keeping families safe again?

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