I honestly was prepared to write something humorous in this post- but that changed the moment I came across an article posted by a friend. The articles glaring headline:

“Pit Bull Euthanized after Killing Yorkshire terrier in Hopewell Township”

but in reality- after reading the story, the head line should have read like this:

“Unleashed Yorkshire terrier killed after Irresponsible owners let small dog attack bigger dog”.


Which is what really happened. According to the article: “Teenie, who was not on a leash and in front of the Lehet house, charge Boou (the pit bull) and the pit bull pulled away from his leash to attack.” 

This isn’t the first time Teenie has been allowed to run unleashed and it’s apparent that Teenie had aggression issues with Boou since Teenie had attempted to attack the larger dog three other times. Unfortunately for Teenie- the fourth time was one to many times.

What is disturbing about this story is that Boou paid the price with his life while Teenie’s owner John and Janice Lehet walk away with absolutely no consequences. I’m sorry- but how is that just? Teenie died because John and Janice Lehet were irresponsible owners who thought it was acceptable to let their small dog aggressive Yorkshire terriers run unleashed. Let’s take Boou out of the picture- if Teenie had run out into the street and was hit by a car…. would it have been the drivers fault that the Lehets didn’t leash their dogs? If Teenie had decided to attack a child- would it have been the child’s fault? If Teenie had started any other dog fight with any other breed of dog and was killed- would it still have been the other person’s fault? How does it not become the Lehet’s responsibility? To add salt to the wound- John Lehet, you know- the man who failed to leash his dogs in the first place has the nerve to tell the press that Boou should not have been on a walk through a residential area. Why Mr. Lehet? Because you want to let your little dog run around the streets unleashed?

Thanks to groups like Dogsbite.org and Daxton’s Friends- excusing negligent dog owners like Lehet will be acceptable. Why? Because Boou was a “pit bull”. Thanks to Dogsbite.org and Daxton’s Friends- they are endorsing that dangerous and aggressive dogs are acceptable AS LONG AS IT’S NOT a PIT BULL- which is what Lindsay Rittenhouse of NJ.com is promoting also as she misleads the public with the headline of her story.

The tragedy is- two dogs were killed by one man’s irresponsible and negligence dog owner ship. John Lehet killed two dogs by his negligent behavior. It’s time to stop making pit bulls the scape goats for irresponsible dog owner of other breeds. It’s time for reporters like Lindsay Rittenhouse to stop fishing for a quick claim to fame by obfuscating the truth. Hold irresponsible dog owners responsible- no matter the breed.

4 thoughts on “Equality

  1. this is my worst nightmare. Our neighbors have a 5 lb poodle who is allowed to run loose. The dog is exceptionally aggressive towards my dogs. On more than one occasion, we’ve pulled the dogs back in to the house, with that little poodle trying to follow us in, attacking our dogs….both pit bull terrier type dogs. I have to carry citronella spray. Kevin carries pepper spray. I have sprayed that dog full in the face on more than one occasion. And the neighbors were pissed that I would “attack” their little darling. My dogs are both fixed, microchipped, leashed and licensed. She is none of the above. My girl Turtle hates that little shit of a dog, and would love nothing more than to stop the barking and attacks once and for all. And then Turtle would pay the ultimate price. Because of her breed.


    1. exactly- Our little dog is great with Scrappy but he’s not the greatest with other big dogs so I make sure he doesn’t have the ability to be a big jerk to other bigger dogs. It’s all about responsibility and I’m tired of small dog owners slacking in that area because their dogs are “small”. Who cares if they are small? They need to be just as in check as bigger dogs.


    2. I don’t know how my dog would be but I have and WILL punt a small dog. I’m sorry to admit it, and I don’t want to hurt the dog but I don’t want my dog to be blamed. This is after my former dog had a lot of incidents of being outright attacked by small dogs. She never fought back, but I can imagine it’s only a matter of time.

      I have never actually hurt a dog, most of them were larger and it stunned them enough that they slowed down the attack and the owners sure got to them quicker!

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  2. Our little dog is pretty good with other dogs, although, she just barks a lot in general. But she gets along with our pit, and other dogs. But this story just angers me to no end! Why is it that Daxton’s friends, and DBO, all have people that think it is ok for their little dogs, or non pit dogs to be aggressive at all! But yet want our non aggressive dogs to be killed just because of the way they look! This is starting to happen more and more, and I fully blame DBO, Daxton’s friends, and especially the dj, and CL, and all their cult members for the death of the thousands, upon thousands of all dogs. I saw one member, on an article, the name was Dee, actually tell a pit owner to let their pit bull kill another dog if it came on their property. What the heck is up with that.

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