Why don’t you feel sorry?

“Why aren’t you sorry? Don’t you feel sorry? YOU BETTER FEEL SORRY OR WE WILL MAKE YOU SORRY!”- says Every BSL Advocate/Daxton’s Friends/Dogsbite.org member


I always feel sorry for the fear mongering morons over in the dismal land of the BSL Advocacy. I’m sorry that they willingly chose to live in such a sorry state of mind.

I mean, I get that they feel such a surge of manic excitement when they search out dog attacks or that they google pit bull owners over and over (even when they swear up and down they never ever care about what they have to say or do…) just to watch with rabid devout secret longing of the normality that their obsessions thrive in.  I feel sorry that they live in such a sorry pitiful state of suspended sorryness


…. No, seriously…. I just kidding! #sorrynotsorry that the BSL Advocacy is addicted to me. Although, considering some of the addiction issues that certain BSL advocates face,  :::coughcoughdrugdealingspainkillersboozedrivingwhileinoxicatedonsuspendedlicenses::::: I can see why they can not help themselves.

I wish I could be sorry that they hate the fact that the truth is being shown, but… #sorrynotsorry. I mean, we all know the saying “they hate what they fear” and the fear is strong among them over in the land of BSL Advocacy.

I get it, they want me to shut up. They want me to stop exposing them. They want me to be sorry that I show…. their true message. They want me to stop sharing their words, literally- screen shots of their very own words.  They want to make me sorry that I dare to point out the painfully obvious….


But… #sorrynotsorry. I couldn’t make up 99.99999% of the stupid, hateful, violent, sorry stuff you write on a daily basis if I tried… But I have ZERO problem sharing your stupidity on a daily basis and since you claim you are the #silentmajority- why are you so worried about such a nobody blogger like myself?


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