Feel Free to Clear it Up….

Maybe PETA’s new buddy Jeff Borchardt can help clear things up. It seems as if I’ve upset him in some way….

Borchardt complains, “the authoress’s (That would be me!!) personally abusive and chillingly inaccurate and ugly ‘revelations’ about those of us in the Victims Advocacy are somehow reliable and proof that we have a hate-driven agenda intent on killing all Pit Bulls.’

Alright then, can you show me what is inaccurate?


Did Colleen Lynn, Creator of Dogsbite.org not type this out and post this on Facebook? Did she really not mean to be literal or was she really not asking forgiveness for her Friday Night crudeness? Can you point out exactly which part is inaccurate?


Is Mix Master Bogart Jeff Borchardt? Did I somehow mix those two up? Alright, so lets look at this screen shot to see if it’s a fabricated fact that Borchardt does not want to or has not plotted out how to kill pit bulls if they moved into his neighborhood.

I have declared a zero tolerance to living next door to a pit bull… If one moves in next door, I WILL kill it…”

Okay, so….. What part is inaccurate?


“Pit bulls were just made for dirt naps.” Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but…. Would it be inaccurate of me to say that Harve is talking about killing dogs based off breed?

How about this one?


Colleen? Care to comment? Jeff? Care to point out what is incorrect?

How about this one from Lori? You know, the Canadian Topless Reporter…

loriI suppose you are going to tell me that these two where just pulling each others legs, right?


Oh, right… and this one was just made for giggles, riiiiiiight?


If you feel that any of these screen shots have a different meaning than what they appear to be… feel free to email me and you can explain them. I’d love to hear your excuses or scenarios that somehow those blasted nutters and their pit bulls snuck into your home and secretly logged onto your Facebook and typed them while you were sleeping….


9 thoughts on “Feel Free to Clear it Up….

  1. LOL….I just….really….and again, even my kids as toddlers were smarter than all of these idiots together. Like my new saying…Deflect, and Redirect…always. Ohhhh, and I supposed I will get chastised by one of the cult members, saying that I am insulting them. But they can go on, and on, calling me a liar, a c#*%, stupid, whatever. Usually when a person, protests that much, it is because they are hiding their guilt.

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  2. These people are in serious need of mental health evaluations. The “handicap” comment nearly pushed ME over the edge, but then I remembered two things.

    #1. Im on the right side of the fight.

    #2. Keyboard bullies are hilarious.

    Ironically, I pulled this little ditty DIRECTLY off PETA’s website…

    “Violent acts toward animals have long been recognized as indicators of a dangerous psychopathy that does not confine itself to animal abuse. “Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives,” wrote humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer.”

    Certainly strange bedfellows.

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