An Advocacy Based off Lies


Public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy

There is no denying that PETA, and Daxton’s Friends are a united  advocacy, but what they advocate for and how they advocate for should make people pull back in disgust.

I’ve written before, that you can not be a dog owner, much less a pit bull owner and still donate to PETA.  If you truly care about a safer community and preventing dog attacks from all breeds and stopping animal abuse, you can not support or Daxton’s Friends. It’s true, right now those three organizations are focused on one thing, the extermination of all pit bull type dogs, but it goes much deeper than that.

I don’t understand the need for the lies, the deception that they truly care about the welfare of any dog. PETA’s stance has always been to euthanize all pit bulls entering shelters JUST IN CASE they might be abused or have been abused. Any dog rescued from a fighting operation before 2000, including puppies. As if they were some tainted. Euthanized, never given a chance.


The worst part is, they will feed off the fear of the “what if” to justify their desire for death.  In April of 2000, a dog fighting ring was busted by the Huntsville Police department, confiscating 32 pit bull dogs. There has always been a debate on what should be done with these dogs and it wasn’t until 2007 when the Vicks dog fighting operation blew up in the media that people never really questioned what happened to these dogs.  PETA had their ideas and had no issue penning off a letter to the authorities in charge of the dogs.

12179964_998812673474956_375620365_n“We respectfully request that the court exercise it’s legal authority, pursuant to 3-1-29 of the Code of Alabama, to issue an order that the animals be euthanized without further delay.”

PETA advocated that all 32 dogs, including the puppies should be euthanized. By euthanizing them, it would protect them from “falling into the wrong hands” or killing any person.

“Serious injuries and even deaths, which are not uncommon.”

Except… there is not one record of a human fatality by a dog rescued from a dog fighting ring.  What PETA attempted to do, along with the the city of Huntsville, is to claim that American Pit Bull Terriers were genetically dangerous.


I’m going to repeat that- there is not one record of a human fatality by a dog rescued from a dog fighting ring.  Yet PETA still sticks to this stance,  “To automatically euthanize these dogs to eliminate attacks on innocent victims and to end the presence of illegal dogfighting”. Out of the dogs rescued from that bust, about half of the dogs died from injuries or disease, while the remainder including four puppies – were held at the City pound and put up for adoption but it wasn’t that simple.  The city council refused to allow the adoptions of the remainder, including 2 puppies, claiming these dogs were a potential danger to humans, even though they had never shown human aggression.

“The city of Huntsville were backed by the extremist animal rights organization PETA that Pit Bulls were genetically dangerous, with evidence provided by veterinarians, none of whom was an expert in any specific canine or genetic field.”

Washington Animal Foundation was one of the first to publicly call PETA out and fight against the labeling dogs dangerous based off breed alone. Sadly, it was a bittersweet win- 21 of the adult dogs were euthanized but the puppies were given a chance. That legal battle and those puppies paved the way for dogs rescued in the future from dog fighting rings.

In 2007, PETA once again attempted to bully courts into euthanizing dogs rescued from the Vicks compound.

“We have to think carefully about these dogs, the other animals, too, and perhaps children, who could well be at risk if “the Vick dogs” are released. “- PETA

Once again, PETA attempted to spread the what if fear, that these dogs would be running the streets attacking anything that moves.

“May I humbly suggest that instead of raising hell and raising money to try to “rehabilitate” these dogs, and instead of flying to Virginia to “save the Vick dogs,” we do less “heroic” but even more important things to save dogs’ lives. When it comes to euthanasia, every day’s real world choice is of which not if—making the choice to demand that fighting dogs be “saved” is a soothing fantasy, more about public relations and, in some obvious cases, about fundraising, than about truly helping the most dogs in the most productive ways.”- PETA

Once again, PETA calls for the death of these dogs….but they met an unmovable wall and it still hasn’t moved. It won’t ever move.

“Under Newkirk’s direction, PETA has launched many important initiatives — including shining a light on the brutal dogfighting industry. But she is on the wrong side of this pit-bull issue. If a dog can be rehabilitated, rehabilitate; if a life can be saved, save it.” –William Rhoden


Dogs rescued from these hell holes have done nothing but grow and achieve greatness. In fact, Maverick,– rescued from a dog fighting operation has earned his Canine Good Citizen and is just another story of just how PETA has it wrong.

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