FFS PETA… Who are you trying fool?

You know, PETA…. You just need to stop. Your newest campaign seriously just fails.


….”Pit Bulls Pose in Support of Breed-Specific Protective Legislation”…. Let that sink in. PETA is suggesting that pit bulls are giving legislation that targets and negatively impacts them and their families one huge paw raise. I’m not even sure how this makes sense to anyone. What’s even more disturbing is the fact that they use their OWN employees posing with pit type dogs supporting a agency who feels that a dead pit bull is a happy and safe pit bull.




I really have no clue how any pit bull type dog owner can cash a paycheck from a woman and an organization that will happily euthanize their dog of choice. Considering their stance on pets of ANY KIND , it boggles my mind that ANY serious pet owner would willingly want to work for or support PETA.

Don’t get me wrong, I support the stopping of breeding of pit bull dogs…. and like every dog out there without proper licensing.  Stopping breeding of dogs should not and can not be breed specific and a supposed animal welfare organization should understand that. 

What irritates me is the false pretense of compassion that PETA attempts to publically display towards the multiple breeds that make up the pit bull type mix. Over and over again they rant,PETA fieldworkers help more pit bulls than any other breed” and “Pit bulls are the breed of dog that is the most abused, the most neglected, the most often abandoned.” as an excuse to exterminate multiple breeds of dogs.  PETA loves our dogs just so gosh darn much that they just want to love them to death. Literally.

Are pit bulls abused? Yes. Are pit bulls used by dog fighters? Yes. Are pit bulls neglected? Yes. Except all of that doesn’t pertain exclusively to pit bulls. Go ahead and replace pit bull with hundreds of breeds. If PETA had a honest bone in their vegan body, those questions would be, “Are dogs abused?” Yes. Are dogs used by dog fighters? Yes. Are dogs neglected? Yes. Are dogs forced to endure cosmetic procedures like ear cropping and tail docking? Yes. Are dogs left outside in extreme cold and heat? Yes.  Animal abuse is not breed specific and attempting to support a breed specific legislation that targets one type of dog does absolutely nothing to fix the problem, unless you really don’t care about the abuse that non-pit bull type dogs suffer from?

“We love all dogs, but pit bulls especially need help.”- PETA

Uh… No. All dogs in horrible environments especially need help. Stopping back yard breeding for profit, stopping dog fighting, stopping animal hoarding and stopping animal abuse goes beyond a breed of dog.


PETA, You are correct, many pit bulls need help, but so does every dog sitting on a chain or crammed into a overly small kennel with hundreds of other dogs. Every cat that is hiding in some crawl space in a hoarders house needs help. The horses that are underfed and so skinny that you can count the ribs need help. Pet snakes, pet birds, exotic illegal animals kept as pets need help. Any animal that is forced to breed for a quick buck needs help. Any animal that is tortured for human enjoyment, I.E dog fighters, animal brothels, crushing videos needs to be stopped. Animal abuse is not breed specific and breed specific laws does absolutely nothing to stop this.

Stop pretending PETA, you’re not fooling anyone. Your supreme leader has made her views about pit bulls glaringly apparent as soon as she joined hands with Dogsbite.org and Daxton’s Friends. Kind of like shooting yourself in both feet…

4 thoughts on “FFS PETA… Who are you trying fool?

  1. ARGH!!! I hate these groups so very much. PETA, DBO, Daxton’s friends, all unethical lying pieces of crap that try and sell people on their “compassion” for the animal. PETA won’t rest until every single companion animal is gone.. they find them a huge waste of space. DBO and Daxton group… well they are just a group of hateful people feeding off of one another. Every single day I see dozens of pictures and stories of dogs abandoned and abused. Every single day I read of another puppy mill being closed down and the animals sent to surrounding shelters. It isn’t a PIT BULL issue, it is a stupid greedy human issue.

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