Are You There God? Some quack needs your help….

Dear Lord, please for the love of all that is holy, please help this woman….


I get that those people see pit bulls every where they go. I know they somehow see them on a train, in a plane, up a tree, down the street, at a park, in a car, in a store, sitting on a couch, laying on a bed, walking down the street, and walking back up the street. I know that they see those darn pit bulls here, there and sometimes way over there, those poor BSL Advocates… they see those darn pit bulls everywhere!

Unfortunately for certain BSL advocates, what they call “pit bull mixes” usually are not…. like this great example:


The Case of Rico Vergossen

derp1According to Cindy M. Ballard, Rico is just an over priced pit bull mix that shady breeders are trying to pass off as a Belgian Malinois….   Although, according to his breeding lineage, there is not one drop of “pit bull” in his blood.     


Let’s pull up another example of Cindy’s faux pas…

The Case of Jary Berghorst


Once again, Cindy Ballard, BSL Breed identifier specialist determines that the father of Rico, Jary is also a “pit bull mix” but….. his breeding lineage says something different.


Again, not one drop of “pit bull”.

Both dogs from Kampftrieb Kennels Australia, both with impeccable lineage with amazing records… yet neither a pit bull or pit bull mix… Amazing things can happen when you blow up a load of crap with a awesome dose of truth.



6 thoughts on “Are You There God? Some quack needs your help….

  1. Well you know, clearly the *only* reasonable explanation for this is that the vast well funded pit bull conspiracy (the one who buys off the media, pet food companies, any and all professional organizations who do not support the final solution for pit bulls, city, state, local and international politicians, Hollywood ( did I leave anyone out?) has managed to infiltrate and pay off the malinois breeder to *hide* the pit bull breeding in the pedigree. Its amazing just how well funded and powerful supporters of a dog that makes up such a tiny fraction of all dogs…
    Totally reasonable.

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  2. Damnit!!! Where is my money from this oh so mighty Pit Bull Lobby!!! I sure could use some! LOL…Anywhoo, talk about making yourself look sooooo stupid, and uneducated. The foamers have got that down pat! I just really have no words. Fear mongering at it’s finest! I will be sure to pass this around, especially to my local pit rescue, it will explain a lot, when it comes to the attack they just did on their fb page.

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  3. This makes me sad…. Stupidity is always painful to watch but to see the name of a very respected Kennel, and to see 2 dogs being used as an example of what they are not is just sad. I am a KNPV trainer of 30 years, I know the bloodlines, the breeder, the kennel and the products of the bloodline very well. To see a dimbwitted fool like Ballard make such ignorant remarks, and posts is just pathetic. I hope I never encounter this person on FB because nothing good can come of it.

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      1. I always say that if you do not know the breed, you should stay out of the conversation to start with since there are people that are in fact well versed in that particular breed that will make you look like the fool you are. I plan to address this stupidity on my WP in future, including the ramblings of Ms. Ballard… Like I said, it does in fact make sad to see my breed get treated in such a derogatory manner when I know the breed in and out. It also makes me sad to see that the PB gets a bad wrap in this. I am not well versed with the PB but what little I do know of the breed does not even remotely point down the bedazzled direction that Ms. Ballard’s broken brain points too! (Nice blog BTW😉 )

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