Dear Scott Barratt…


Dear Scott,

First, I should point out that there are millions of pit bull owners that have most if not all their teeth and are not inner bred trash. Millions of us have made it way beyond high school and have perfectly working internet in our trailer parks, multi million dollar homes, suburban homes, farms, apartments, condos, townhouses, houseboats and ect. In fact, I’m pretty sure you never asked that question to one of the many pit bull type dog owners that attended the Supernatural 100 episode celebration you dj’d…. did you?


                (Image taken from Yelp)

Either way, let me answer your question- I didn’t have to have a pit bull. I wanted Scrappy McScrapster the moment I saw his big ears…. He just happened to be a pit bull. See how simple that answer is? I mean, I could care less what breed the Scrappy McScrapster is and I would have loved him just the same no matter what breed he could have been and considering he is a mixed breed “pit bull” I get the best of all the breeds he’s mixed with.


Now, my question to you Scott- which no other BSL fear mongering hateful advocate like yourself have never been able to answer is: why does it bother you so much what kind of dog I or millions of other responsible dog owners own?


I get that you don’t care that millions of “pit bull” owners also own other breeds of dogs, some cats, lizards, birds, horses, cows, snakes, spiders and a kazillion other types of cohabiting pets. I totally understand you don’t care or understand that our dogs are just that- dogs. Dogs with the capability to do so much and be so amazing… or be lazy couch potatoes like mine.


Tell me Scott, why can I not own Scrappy McScrapster?  (I will be honest, he did chew the ear off Mr. Bear Bear, helped a few pillows explode, at a few sandwiches, a possible dog of interest in the disappearances of some stuffed animals, a barbie and Monster high doll.)


Can you tell me why my children can not share their lives with their dog? I can tell you my children wouldn’t understand your disdain and hate for their Scrappy McScrapster nor would they understand your need to childishly call millions of people insulting names.


Can you tell me why Scrappy McScrapster doesn’t deserve a good home with a family that cares so much for him that they continuously work with him as a family so we can be better dog owners?  Why doesn’t Scrappy McScrapster deserve a family that teaches their children to respect the fact that Scrappy is a dog? Tell me why you feel that it’s acceptable to call for the destruction of my children’s dog just because you hate what you think he is?


(Image from Scott Barrat, Facebook 2010)

My dog isn’t the problem and neither are millions of other dogs like him. The problem is you Scott Barratt and people like you. The problem is people like you thinking it’s acceptable to stereotype and degrade millions of men, women and children all because you don’t like their dog. Scott- you can ask all the questions you want, but what makes you think you deserve an answer from anyone?

7 thoughts on “Dear Scott Barratt…

  1. Breed has nothing to do with it, at least for me. Working in Animal Welfare means I am drawn to the halt and the lame…..the animals that need that something extra. I will leave cute fluffy little puppies to families who don’t want the challenge of a dog with baggage. But given the choice between a happy, healthy dog and one who has been abused and traumatized…I’ll take the damaged one every time. Regardless of breed. It just so happens that pit bull terrier type dogs are the ones most likely to have been mistreated in this country.

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  2. First, why would I answer a question clearly not directed to me? Secondly, it’s not a question, it’s a pathetic backhanded passive aggressive insult. Not even an original one at that.

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  3. I got my first pit bull mix solely because he was a nice dog who would have been euthanized solely based on his appearance since no shelter.

    There are plenty of types of dogs that appeal to me, but I’ll probably have at least one athletic, clownish, cuddly, sweet pit bull mix in my house because there are so many perfectly nice ones who simply need a home.

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  4. Oh, *$%# you so much, Scott. I’ll bet you I pay more in taxes than you make in a year. Considering my household is about to clear 200,000 a year on income (just heard my spouse is getting a raise). I’m also very close to a grad degree from an ivy league school, sooooooo . . . .

    As to why I have pit bulls, I rescued my dogs. I went to the pound and found the dog I liked. My first pit bull I passed up a “normal” dog that we had gone to look up because he seemed aggressive, saw a friendly pit bull and got her! So, that’s why.

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  5. Who is this tool anyway?? Why do all those morons constantly ask that moronic question? That’s like asking someone why they chose a Chevy over a Ford, or chocolate cake over cheesecake. Choices are subjective.
    I didn’t choose my dog. She turned up in my yard a pathetic, starved stray. I own 4 others dogs, a Chihuahua and Chihuahua mixes and cats. See….I love all animals, unlike most of the people I see in the pit bull hating crowd.

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