“It’s Crap”

“It’s time to start treating pit bull owners as terrorists and attacking them with everything the law can bring.”- It’s Crap (December 2015)

Piece of advice? Put the pipe down and step away. What kind of idiot attempts to lump millions of innocent and responsible people in a group and slap a horrific label like “terrorist” on them and then proclaim that all pit bull owners should be aggressively attacked because some idiot doesn’t like their dog?

At the end of the day, this is what this fight is about. You have a small group of people who feel that they should have a say in your choice of a family pet. It doesn’t matter if you are responsible or if your dog has never hurt anyone or anything, a small group of people want to decide to go ahead and take your choice away from you.

“While I am certainly not an advocate of State adoption of children in arguably benign situations, I think this is an area of concern and should be addressed in any type of parental judgment. These parents have shown such blatant disregard for the well-being of their children that it clearly illustrates that they are unfit to have children in their homes.” It’s Crap (2015)

The irony is- dysfunctional and poor parental judgement is rampant among the BSL crowd. Not only do you have parents convicted of drug dealing letting their drug customers and dealers watch their children, you have parents committing ARSON for insurance money, let’s not forget the mother & son if the year… Who exactly has the blatant disregard for the well being of their children?  The family that teaches responsible dog ownership with attentive parenting or…… the BSL Advocate who made poor decisions that impacted the well being of their child?

I agree that it needs to be addressed! I have no idea why a grown woman walked scott free after her being responsible for the death of a child under care. I have no clue on how the parents of that dead child are supporting her. I have no clue how a mother lets her older son run off and hide after her son’s dogs kill her son. I have no clue how that same mother let that child roam around at night ALONE knowing her older son is a back yard breeder with multiple dogs in a pen… and I have no clue on why BSL Advocates attempt to put those negligent and examples of poor parenting on a pedestal.

If past behavior is any indication of future behavior- BSL Advocates are a danger to children. The fact they lack the ability to have personal responsibility and accountability shows that if they repeat the same negligent behavior they will just attempt to pass the blame once again.

2 thoughts on ““It’s Crap”

  1. I say give them the rope. They behave in a “cult like” way. It’s become obvious people are no longer willing to fight with them anymore. So that need to go all “keyboard warrior” is no longer being met. We’ve begun to see the “infighting”, devouring the weaker members.

    As the SANE members realize these folks are irrational and delusional, they are also jumping ship. This leaves them with no other choice but to “up the ante”. Let’s go after their ” landsharks” AND their offspring. There’s really only ONE avenue to suggest “child neglect”.

    Enter the rope.

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