Fanatical Friday

Just wrapping this amazing work week with some of the usual ignorant comments made by our favorite mentally disturbed individuals over in BSL world….


I mean, what is wrong with these people? What normal person thinks of that nasty stuff on a normal basis?


I will admit- I am a horrible speller… But, it’s “pit”… Might want to check your sh@t before talking about millions of folks…


Yes, I’m going to remind Rachel Simas just how mentally damaged she is on a daily basis. Since she’s a genetic expert without a H.S Diploma- I wonder if her ignorance is genetic? Case of bad breeding?


Right- just kill ’em all, right Jeff? I know some communities that feel that way against convicted drug dealers & drunk drivers…


It’s alllll fun and games when you are just “hypothetically” joking about torturing and killing dogs.


How many infamous serial killers were white middle aged men? Last time I CHECKED- there is no court that has convicted a dog for being a serial killer…


Stay at home dads, pit bulls, vengeful lesbians, rising gas prices, mexicans, muslims, short skirts, Obama, Micky mouse, Bugs bunny, the kardashians… Alllll contributing to the end of the world.


Love it. Love the fact those dogs will continuously be bitch slapping BSL Advocates on a daily basis for the rest of their miserable dog hating ignorant sad little lives. ❤

A Book all about Bullsh@t


Mr. Beasley- the new laughing stock of the legal community has penned copy and pasted anti pit bull book filled with the usual verbal vomit of For days everyone heard him state he created this book with over 100 different unbiased sources and it’s just one of his many lies.

Aviary Photo_130736928584718079

Critical and objective? That’s hilarious. Now, if you actually read this book and it seemed vaguely familiar- it’s probably because it’s the webpage wrapped up and printed in this self published book. The fact he was advertising that 50% of all sales go directly to Colleen Lynn should have been the first warning. Sadly, this book is just another attempt to spread fear and propaganda with half truths and debunked sources.

Aviary Photo_130736932279336893

The very first source…. Debunked Clifton.  I kid you not folks, his “sources” just go down hill from there.

Aviary Photo_130736944277405766

Now Maul Talk is credible? I love New Orleans and many great things have come from New Orleans, but this lawyer is not one of them. In fact, he couldn’t even take the time to accurately report the correct information when pimping out the dead to further Colleen’s hate agenda.


In fact- he’s proud of spinning half truths and even challenges people to challenge his research skills. What research skills?! Well, maybe it took some time to copy and paste the content of DBO? I’m really not even sure what the purpose of this book is but to further their hate filled propaganda. His pathetic attempt to try to school Jon Stewert and Tia Torres reeks of the usual DBO desperation.


Awww… he even steps up to defend the unfairly denigrated Colleen Lynn and her self admitted biased website. Rewind- repeat-rewind. There is nothing new or original about this book and if you honestly paid for this book – you should really demand a refund ASAP. The truth is out- This lawyer is just another DBO failure… Christ, those failures are starting to stalk up aren’t they?


At least he doesn’t hide his new buddies…. Sorry, Beasley- but I’m going to give this book 2 thumbs down, next time at least try to sound original.


Duly noted…


Not in the news…


Honestly, that would be far more hilarious  if it wasn’t true. It’s amazing how I take a break from blogging to enjoy spring break and our 90° degree days  and the quack pack over in Pro BSL land are still going steady with craziness.

However, while BSL advocates lay around in their infested swamp of hate, Pit Bull owners are rallying together showing just how wrong BSL Advocates are. Check out the Facebook page Rafa the not so baby pit bull and you will see the uplifting campaign of showing what #themajority of pit bulls are doing.


Today,  at this very moment- there are 4.8 million pit bulls just marinating and hanging out with their families. 4.8 million pit bull type dogs growing old with their families. Some are laying on the couch watching their buddy beat level 23 on whatever Xbox game and some are sharing chips with their owner as they watch a movie. One might be laying in his tweenager’s room as she cries about a boy who broke her heart, comforting her with not a single word but with just a look. One is probably laying upside down with his 15 lb. furry housemate on the couch snoring away. I’m pretty sure a few are chasing balls, swimming, riding in a car, rolling in the grass and plotting how to steal the last pillow.

One or two of them are part of their owners weddings and some are comforting parents who lost their child in a tragedy. Some are laying beside their owners who have returned from chemotherapy, some are watching their owners as they pace back and forth waiting for contractions to get closer before they deliver a baby, some are letting a child who is spending months in a hospital bed fighting a disease pet and hug them and some are comforting a slider  as he struggles with the horrors of war.

Today, not in the news- an estimated  4.8 million pit bull type dogs that are at home just loving their family.


According to BSL Advocates

According to BSL Advocates, if you are a woman and you are a pit bull type dog owner than you must be a whore, skank, slut, bitch, dyke or a 


According to BSL Advocates, if you own pit bull type dogs and have tattoos, piercings, own a house, rent a house, ride motorcycles, drive a car, college student, college graduate, college drop out, rich, poor, middle class, employed or unemployed than you must be:


According to BSL Advocates, if you are a responsible pit bull type dog owner and you refuse to be blamed for the actions of irresponsible owners- you must be:


According to BSL Advocates, if you are child who has a pit bull type dog for a pet than you deserve to be mocked and have your image plastered on hate pages. BSL advocates have no problem turning children into a


According to BSL Advocates, they are God fearing, worshiping, loving, faithful and a great example of an honest:


Last time I checked, there was nothing christian about degrading, stereotyping, victimizing and blaming innocent people… but what do I know? 


What have you accomplished?

It looks like the Founder of Daxton’s friends wants to go toe to toe with a well established rescue and throw down.


We should discuss these supposed victims the our doggies are creating. I know my doggies haven’t created any “victims” and I know millions of others of those doggies that haven’t created any victims- but I do know many doggies that have become victims due to Borchardt & his hate group.

I would pay to see Tia hand Borchardt his ass in a public debate. You know why? All anyone has to do is ask Borchardt one question:

What have you done?

Let’s look at it:

Tia Torres:

  1. Owns & operates Villalobos Rescue Center.
  2. Created a Hospice for dying/terminal dogs so they can live comfortably.
  3. Rescues every breed of dog- not just pit bulls.
  4. Promotes education about pit bulls based off facts and not fear such as this info.
  5. Served in the military
  6. Became a youth gang counselor for Los Angeles.
  7. Created a program to rescue swamp dogs.
  8. Advocates s/n programs
  9. Supports better training programs for dogs/dog owners.
  10. Chooses to motivate and educate others to make  positive difference.
  11. Has one of the most successful shows on animal planet with millions and millions of fans.


  1. Became a DJ
  2. Sold some dope
  3. Drove drunk
  4. Founded a Facebook hate group called The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine
  5. Harassed people
  6. Successfully stalked and continues to stalk NCRC members.
  7. Typed a letter blaming everyone but the actual person responsible for the death of his child. 
  8. Created a Facebook hate page the exposes and exploits children of pit bull owners.
  9. Successfully mocked and partook in bullying multiple families that lost a child due to a dog attack.
  10. Created Daxton’s Friends with the sole purpose to eradicate pit bulls. 
  11. Stalked and harassed rescue owners from Colorado

Borchardt rambles on about “3,000 unwanted pit bulls” being euthanized daily but we know that he wants the number higher. He has no problem whatsoever discussing methods and reasons why pit bull types should all be euthanized.  That includes:

  • Bull Mastiff
  • ABPT
  • American/English Stafs.
  • American Bulldogs
  • Olde English Bull Dogs
  • Dogo
  • Cano
  • Any dog mixed with above breed

Unlike Torres, who promoted education, real education that includes the good and bad of the breed- Borchardt promotes one thing- spaying and neutering all of those breeds out of existence. 


Wait, isn’t Borchardt a repeat offender?  Oh, I get it- Borchardt is just responsible drug dealing DJ’ng drunk? Totally not a criminal…because selling drugs is totally legal… Oh wait- it’s not.


But realistically, who is Borchardt kidding? He wouldn’t have the balls to even confront Tia on a public and televised setting. He cancels every oppritunity to debate or even speak on a platform that would make him defend his view points with experts. Go ahead, pout all you want, make your petitions:



We know and Tia’s camp knows all about your intentions to show up with thousands and thousands of pro pit bull people with your anti-pit bull propaganda….


What are you going to do Borchardt? Blame Tia and her family for your child’s death too? Go ahead- and like everyone else who you’ve stalked and blame, they will ignore you and keep making the world a better place, and you and your hate group will sit in your personal hell festering and eventually withering away into nothing.