The Borchardt Blame Game- Who Really is to Blame?

Who is to blame when it comes to a fatal dog attack? Bessie Flowers, 86 years old and brutally mauled by her daughters two “pit bull” dogs. Two dogs that have had numerous complaints about aggression issues.


“Neighbors told WCCB that the animals had shown aggressive behavior in the past and had warned authorities about them.

One male neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said: ‘There have been two incidents with those dogs. They attacked other dogs here. No one has done anything about it. I constantly told people that they are going to kill someone.’

Police records show that officers were called to the home once before in 2013 to reports of two aggressive animals, but the reports were not substantiated.”



Most “normal” people would look at the dog owner who obviously continued to own two dogs with previous aggression issues, however there is nothing “normal” when it comes to the bizarre behavior of Borchardt, the founder of Daxton’s Friends (the alleged “educational site” with zero educational material.).  Who does Borchardt blame for this horrible preventable tragedy?

A bunch of random strangers. Strangers that have absolutely no connection to the victim or the victim’s family. Strangers that had zero influence on the behavior of the dogs. That doesn’t matter to Borchardt, because it’s EVERYONES fault.  It’s YOUR fault! It’s that random person’s fault! It’s that homeless man’s fault! It’s hollywoods fault! It’s all of the veterinarians fault! The police departments fault! It’s Obamas fault!


Typical cowardly Borchardt fashion, he take the blame game a step further and encourages the online harassment of a woman (key word… woman) who dared to speak out against his childish tirade:


… and guess who is liking each disgusting and vile comment?


This is just another glaring example of why BSL is fundamentally flawed, because the focus is more about the humans and very little about the dogs and BSL advocates prove this every single day. They have made sure that breed specific legislation encourages discrimination (against the dog owners), it encourages racism (against the dog owners), it glorifies sexism and misogyny (against the dog owners) and educates unstable individuals in ways to hurt/kill/maim both animal and humans. The Breed Specific Legislation advocacy has becomes this festering cesspool of fear, hate and violence and that is the environment that they love.


Thank God we won’t stay silent and we will always speak louder than their hate… which scares them very, very, very much.

Making History

It’s amazing how one phone call can change so many lives and that is exactly what happened with the Dampman family, Philadelphia and for one little brindle pit bull puppy. Like so many dogs, the little brindle puppy wasn’t born into the greatest of environments, but like millions of others, that little brindle puppy will grow up to be yet another amazing dog that demolishes the negative stereotype of his breed.


Chrissy Dampman was no stranger to the rescue world. Rescuing pit bulls and pit bull mixes from the sewers of Philadelphia, injured and starved, she’s always had room in her heart for the breed. After a divorce from her husband of 15 years, she wanted to do something besides just rescuing and loving them, she wanted to take that extra step and when she had the opportunity, she decided that is exactly what she would do.


Ring Ring

The chance came in November 2012, just a week before Thanksgiving.  Chrissy’s daughter called her from the Delaware County SPCA excited about a small brindle pit bull puppy.  Brewsky, rescued along with his litter mates off a corner being sold for drugs had caught the eye of Chrissy’s daughter and she knew he belonged with their family and just like that, the Dampman family were on the path of making history.

First things first, Brewsky changed to Chad and puppy training started. “Chad was an awesome puppy. I exposed him to everything from day one. Kids, people, other dogs, noises, flooring and of course puppy classes, which he always did so well in. Teachers and people just loved him.” recalls Chrissy, “He just had the quality of attracting people wherever we went.” It didn’t take long for Chrissy and her family to realize that Chad had so much to give and share and Chrissy couldn’t wait to take that journey with him.

Baby Steps

Like many dog owners out there, Chrissy and Chad found themselves at Petsmart. Knowing how important socialization training is for puppies, Chad found himself around other dogs and learning the basics. It didn’t take long for the energetic puppy to let his owner know that he was wanting more than just the basics.   Wanting more for Chad, Chrissy started searching around for different places that offered much more than the just the basic training and it wasn’t long until she found Philly Unleashed.

Philly Unleashed, rated Best of Philly of 2015, has seen their fair share of amazing dogs and dedicated owners.  Connecting with an amazing trainer, Jennifer Green, Chrissy and Chad enrolled in classes and it didn’t take long for their trainer to see just how special Chad was and asked if Chrissy was interested in working with Chad to become a Therapy dog.  That path had never dawned on Chrissy and she decided to research it and look at Chad a bit differently, “I started watching and noticing his behavior around young children, even babies. With people in general, and I really thought he had that skill.” Chrissy knew it would be hard work but it was something she knew both her AND Chad could do.



The Road of Awesomeness

Contrary to BSL Advocates, not every dog can pass the Canine Good Citizen training & testing and what is so great about dog owners that participate in the training for the certificate is that it isn’t just about the dog, it’s about how hard the owner AND dog are willing to work together to be great examples of responsible dog ownership.  Chrissy and Chad faced ten tests and they knew they couldn’t fail one single test, yet, that is exactly what happened the first time around. Feeling defeated and embarrassed, Chrissy just didn’t know if they would be able to succeed. The trainers and evaluators knew that Chad had it in him and Chrissy and him just needed to work on it just a bit more. Unsure but knowing deep down that Chad was meant to be a therapy dog, Chrissy rolled up her sleeves and went back to work with Chad and they were not going to stop until they both succeeded. Chad took his test twice and by then, the once playful and goofy puppy learned to understand the difference between play time and working time.


It wasn’t long after the completion of earning his CGC certification, that he went on to therapy dog training and registered with Therapy Dogs International. In November 2014, Chad was the first pit bull accepted into the pet therapy program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and that alone was not an easy task. Chrissy and Chad had to go through interviewing and screening, Chad had to be medically and behaviorally screened through the Mathew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, background checks, Child abuse clearances, health clearances and orientation and training. He isn’t done yet with breaking stereotypes, in 2015, Chad the Pit bull was nominated for the 2015 AKC award for canine excellence in recognition of his services as a therapy dog.

(Images from BG Productions)

Dealing with Ignorance

Sadly, like millions of other owners, Chrissy and Chad have caught the attention of BSL advocates and have come under attack from them. Why you ask? For being awesome examples of just how amazing Chad is… and because of his breed.  Just recently, volunteer, Julie Wall sent an email with the purpose of harassing the Dampmans and unfortunately the Dampmans are not the first nor will they be the last victims of members and volunteers.

It’s no secret that William Johnson, outspoken member of & Daxton’s Friends resides in Philadelphia, is known for launching cruel attacks on families of therapy dogs, his last online harassment campaign was against an family with an autistic child and their service dog Pupcake and he isn’t alone.


When you are making history and breaking stereotypes, you are bound to stir up the haters, which is exactly what people like Solesky, Johnson and Wall are.

“I think stuff like this when it happens makes you stronger and it makes you want to work harder for people to see and realize and try to make them understand”


Chrissy absolutely understands the stigma that is placed unfairly on Chad and millions of other dogs based off their apparent breed and how they look. When asked how she felt about the annoyance and harassment from BSL advocates,  she sharesWell to be honest with you. It’s no different then when I am working with Chad and people point out what he is and pick up their children and run away. It happens in my neighborhood all the time and I have had that happen to me at children’s hospital as well. ” She refuses to let it stop her and Chad from helping and educating, “I try to educate everyone I meet about them. It’s becomes not just about Chad then, it’s about all of them. I feel like I fight for him everyday. And if I touch or change one person along the way then I have done my job !!!”  It’s a never ending job and it’s a job that Chrissy and Chad are always going to be working at.

2016 will be a big year for the duo. Chad is being honored with the 2016 Ginger award from the Delaware county SPCA. The award is given to an exemplary pit bull in the community who is a breed ambassador. He will be getting the award on April 9th and 10th.

Learn more about this inspiring award.


Grief, Healing and a Hope for the Future.

The month of December is filled with over packed malls, toy commercials bombarding the air waves, family gatherings and a sense of excitement for most as the 25th day of December approaches but for one family in Port Huron Michigan, they are standing together attempting to make sense of a horrible tragedy that ruthlessly ripped a loved family member away from them.


“We were standing down by the river, she was wearing a long pink skirt on it and the wind blowing in her hair. It was then I knew I had found the one.”- Matt Gratton

Matt Gratton, does not even know where to begin. Never once did he imagine that he would planning a funeral for the love of his life, the mother of their beautiful daughter and without his family’s help he would feel even more lost.. if that’s even possible.

December 3rd, 2015- his young fiancee Becca Hardy was mauled to death by two dogs a few houses down from her home.

PORT HURON, Mich. (WJBK) – A 22-year-old woman has died after she was attacked by two dogs in Port Huron on Thursday.” (WJBK)

Becca, according to her loving fiancé and her family was an amazing young woman and a loving mother to the couples 18th month old daughter, Molly and her family can’t help but think of those happy memories. Her Aunt Shell, grief stricken shares, “Becca was an amazing mother, she would take Molly everywhere with her. The park, the beach and visiting family.” Fiancé Matt Gratton shares, “We would play peek a boo with our daughter and regularly sit in the dining room and play catch with the beach ball.”


The first time I ever met Becca was one night at my dads.” Matt remembers fondly, his grief apparent as he struggles a bit.   “Her Mom and my Dad are friends. She was younger, only 17yrs old at the time and I had just stopped at my dads to hang out for a bit and she fell asleep in a chair. I set up a bed for her tucked her in and went home like a proper gentleman. It wasn’t that big of a deal to me its just the person I am”.


Matt pauses for a moment, “We survived everything designed to tear relationships apart and only came out closer. Our relationship had its problems but all do.  True love is sticking together through thick and thin and that’s exactly what we did. We had actually started trying for our second child recently because our daughter is growing up to quick for our liking.”

Guilt, agony, shock and anger came over the father and Fiancé as he waited for his soon to be wife to arrive at the hospital, beating the ambulance there.
My first thought was who is going to teach our daughter all the things a mommy is supposed to teach her? I immediately blamed myself for not being there to protect her and was flooded with a million what ifs…things I could or should have done differently. I just basically wanted to go back in time and change it but I cant.”


Amazing enough, Matt or other family members do not blame the breed (s) of dogs responsible for the attack.
One thing I definitely want to say is I feel these people are so set on hating these animals that they’re losing sight of the actual tragedy that occurred. All the comments on the local news page sights are people fighting about how I should hate all these dogs for the deeds of a few not one (other than supporters like yourself) has even offered their condolences. They’ve lost sight of the bigger picture. My daughter has to grow up without a mother now. I lost the girl I was gonna marry and all they think about is spewing their hatred for the breed.”

By no means does he or other family members  feel that the owner should  get off the hook for this tragedy either.
” Yes I feel the owners should be charged there is a difference in training your dog to protect without doing bodily harm”,  Michelle (Aunt Shell)  explains and Matt agrees, “I’m angry about it. I feel if they were gonna teach a dog to protect they should have done more to keep something like this from happening.”

Matt doesn’t know what the future holds because for the moment,  their family is still in shock at the tragic event that snuffed out such a bright and warm light in their lives. Sadly, with the media exposure, it has caught the attention of Colleen Lynn, founder of and her fellow group members who have started their ruthless verbal attack on the family, even to the point of accusing Matt of making up the tragedy.



Even Colleen Lynn, founder of labeling the grieving man a “Super Nutter” because he refuses to blame the multiple breeds that get labeled pit bull.


The grieving family of Becca are shocked by the hateful messages and comments. Michelle (Aunt Shell) shares, “My niece is asking for everyone to please stop being so nasty about my nieces death. She has three young sisters and a daughter that do not deserve to see rude mean marks about Becca”.


“If I could tell her one thing, I would tell her I’m sorry for not being there to protect her when she needed me I’d tell her if i could go back I would have never let her leave and would trade her places if I could. I’d tell her things will never be the same without her and I value every moment I did have with her now more than ever.”

Funeral arrangements are still being set up and the family has a gofundme set up to help with costs.

Eight People

It’s no secret that there is battle being waged in Hastings Michigan about Michigan Senate Bill No. 239, but is it being fought for and against by Hastings Michigan residents?

Michigan Senate Bill No. 239:

“A bill to prohibit a local unit of government from enacting an   ordinance or rule that regulates a dog based solely on breed,   perceived breed, or type; and to provide for the powers and duties   of certain local governmental entities. “

According to released documents, the answer is glaring: the majority of those fighting against this bill are from outside the state.


Daxton’s Friends, anti Pit bull/Pro BSL/ PETA supporter non-profit with board members from Wisconsin,  California and multiple other states EXCEPT for Michigan.

What’s interesting that the 8 letters  written to the council:

“Prior to Monday’s meeting, eight people sent emails to the city, asking the council to reconsider amending the dangerous-dog ordinance to remove the breed-specific language.”

Who are the Hastings Michigan residents that wrote those letters?


Not one single Hastings Michigan resident.


Texas, British Columbia….


Washington, Missouri…


California and Grand Rapids Michigan, yet Mary Belafonte is really Joanie Caldwell…

Minnesota, Washington…

I wonder what the people of Hastings Michigan have to say about some hate mongers from different states and cities attempting to influence laws that would affect their community?


One of the biggest responsibilities of being a pet owner is to keep our pets safe, to not put them in situations were they can get hurt, to make sure that they are legally safe in their environment. I think that’s why this story angers and frustrates me just so much.


“The couple owns two pit bulls which are illegal in Prince George’s County. The county has had a ban on pit bulls for 18 years, which means Winnie and Emily are prisoners in their own home.”

Not only does this couple knowingly own a breed of dog that is banned but they are also going public with it. It’s not like it was a new ban, or that they just had no idea, for FFS- the ban in Prince George County has been in place for 18 [email protected] years. Not 18 minutes, not 18 days, not 18 months but 18 years.

Now that this couple has made it very public that they are hiding their illegal dog what is going to happen if their dog is confiscated? I can tell you what will happen, while they cry and rage via the media, their innocent dog will be sitting in a small kennel, cold, confused and scared while it awaits euthanization. Not because that poor dog did anything wrong but because it’s owners are a bunch of selfish pieces of shit.

Breed bans and /BSL is wrong, but what is even worse is flaunting the fact that you are illegally keeping your dog.

“We choose to take the risk and bring them here, “Julia said.

Why? I don’t get it. Why would you knowingly risk it? Is it easier because it’s not the owners paying the ultimate price? It’s not like it will be the owners that will be euthanized. It’s almost as if they feel that their family pet is expendable. 

” “We have to say don’t move here . Move to Montgomery, move to Crofton, move to the District. You don’t want to live in Prince George’s because they will take your dog,” said Sandra Harmorsky with the Maryland Dog Federation.

This couple is slapping everyone who is fighting to keep their dogs safe in the face. It’s a slap in the face to people who hustle and bustle to save these dogs from death from these cities with bans. Will this media whoring couple expect rescues to drop what they are doing to rush and save their dog from the needle because they publicly waved their illegal dog in the face of authorities?

Their dog deserves far better than those two as owners and as an a advocacy we need to tell them that. What they are doing isn’t heart warming, it isn’t cute, it isn’t going to save anything or change minds. If anything, their very public action damages what millions of people are trying to change. Their selfish destructive actions feed the “pit bull owners irresponsible” and “pit bull owners are criminals” propaganda and don’t think for one minute that the hateful fear mongering morons over in BSL happy land are not frothing over this story, because they joyfully are.


( Image taken from PRO BSL page created by Mia Johnson of BC Columbia and Lori Welbourne of Kelowana, BC Columbia)

If their dog is confiscated and euthanized because of this, I seriously hope they are thrown in jail. They knowingly set their dog up for failure. They knowingly and willfully set that dog up to die if they some how don’t stay anonymous and in this day and age, keeping anonymous is not a easy thing to do.

You Take That Back!

Dear PETA,

It seems as your new partnership with and the infamous Daxton’s Friends are having issues…


Nancy sure hates to speak the truth…and I don’t blame her! Cult like groups like and Daxton’s
Friends frown on the whole speaking the truth thing… especially when it’s against their new famous buddy!


Nothing is good when it’s taken to the the extreme.” Really? Isn’t that what and Daxton’s Friends do? Isn’t taking things to an extreme what they do best? Distorting numbers? refusing to label dogs the correct breed? 96% of all pit bulls have killed things and the remaining 4% is just waiting to kill things” quote ring a bell?

Who could forget the “pit bull epidemic”?
According to Merritt Clifton, pit bulls make up 5% of the population but somehow they see pit bulls everywhere!
Cars, planes, trains, boats, at parks, at beaches, on corners, in back yards, front yards, Starbucks, Wal-mart, Target… Pit bulls evvveerrywhheerrree….


She’s offended and disgusted by that comparison yet…. They call pit bulls serial killers all the time. How many times have they compared pit bulls to Ted Bundy? Comparing a dog to man who raped, tortured and killed many women makes sense to not one single sane person ever.

I’m surprised Nancy got away with slamming their new buddy and partner in hate so easily…. However, it was short lived.


You take your truthful statement back right now, gosh darn it! How dare Nancy bring up facts! I will forgive Nancy’s dumbass (her words!), but I don’t think her fellow culties will do the same.


Julie, the break stick queen followed PETA’s dump and run cases very closely and since they were never charged then PET must be innocent. Although Nancy is in for it now…. She has earned the wrath of good ‘ole Harve!

WTH Nancy?! How dare you spew PETA’s truthful shit.


Although, besides all that hilarious battle of quacks, it seems as if your own statement PETA kind of kicks the legs out from under your new partner.

image and Daxton’s Friends will no longer blame the multiple breeds of dogs that make up pit bull type and bully type dogs in the horrible attacks. According to PETA, this was done by abused and neglected breed… Which is the fault of the owners of those dogs. Hear that Lynn and Borchardt?

I mean, we get it- PETA really means kill instead of help pit bull type dogs, which is what Borchardt and Lynn really want too, but the fact that PETA shifts the blame from animals to humans kind of knocks out the whole need for BSL/BANS….. Guess we’ll see how that belief goes over in DBO land…

Can’t make this [email protected] up…

The collection of stupidity is over flowing …

Shall we begin?

Get Educated Fools….


Yes Jenny, it takes a lot of effort from your fellow morons to form a cohesive thought beyond kill all pit bulls, but you are not alone in your disgust with the crap your fellow idiots have been spewing. Just ask Freda…


Freda became offended at being labeled a “nutter”  after reading the controversial article by Clifton. You know, when he said anti- vaxxers were no different than pit bull owners. She dared to make her slighted feelings public and she was not so graciously dumped right on her ass by her former buddies. Yet- Freda isn’t the only one jilted either…. The gloriously haggish hateful Ninja has had her fill of the infamous hate group….


It’s never a good day when the Ninja feels the urge to puke but that’s the
NORMAL reaction to that disgusting page. Maybe that old hag has some brain cells left kicking around in that ‘ole head?

Shit is still Shit no matter how many times you change the name….


Linda Ann/ Linda Chapman…. I don’t get it… Are you not proud of your ignorance? I mean… Nice try on the whole incognito attempt. 69 days isn’t that far off.. Better think of a better name change.

Bitter Bob


I think this speaks volumes about their advocacy….

It’s alllllll a lie….


Cuz military personnel only live on base. If you live off base and own a pit bull, you just can not be in the military. It’s a fact ‘cuz Aaron says so. Also, ATTS was invented by Germans and not  by Alfons Ertel in 1977 and isn’t worth squat…somebody should email the national breed clubs that they have been duped.

The Under Cover Moron


I mean, who doesn’t sit around talking about how mean their pit bulls are?


Investigator Lance Wendling, he’s on the case… armed with a mic and Daxton’s Friends flyers and ready to take on the lying scumbags!

Daddy Issues…..


So she knows 25 women who own pit bulls…. One is in a relationship, 18 are always single and 6 are lesbians with men issues? Oh, right- and they are substituting their aloof mean daddies with pit bulls? Makes sense…. to absolutely no one.

You’re Welcome?


Wait- Borchardt warned him that members of his own victims advocacy would trash talk his ex girlfriend?  Borchardt feels that Marc Browns words were taken out of context? So, they didn’t sit around and talk about how glad they are the young woman was killed?



Go ahead and check out the rest here
I’m glad he warns people how his own advocacy will drag victims through the mud… Either way, you are most welcome, Borchardt.