Pit Bulls are the reason why you should oppose gun restrictions?


gun-hiI’m not a huge pro or anti gun advocate. I myself believe that its the person behind the trigger are the real threat when it comes to irresponsible gun ownership. However, I can understand the fight for gun restrictions. That’s what adults do- we might not agree with a platform but we can understand where that other side is coming from. I have seen many examples on the news, heard horror stories about terrible gun related violence.  I have seen the victims families plead for stricter gun laws and I can absolutely understand.

Whats this about? Well- Thanks to the lovely members of Dogsbite.org they feel like PIT BULLS are why YOU should oppose gun restrictions. See for your self:


Now- after reading this- I became concerned! Since pit bulls are one of the many reasons why WE should oppose gun restrictions I wanted to check out some information where it links pit bulls to the anti and pro gun restriction movement.  Well- First stop was the Brady Campaign – a gun violence prevention site and guess what? Not one mention of pit bulls. I know! I’ll look at the NRA site because I’m sure if stopping pit bulls with guns was HUGE on their agenda it would be there right? Lets check it out: NRA – dang it. Not one mention of “pit bulls as one of the many reasons for opposing gun restrictions. What about Here? How about here? Still no mention of the invasion of pit bulls roaming the streets. Let’s try ONE more place and this for Pro AND Con reasons : yes or no?

I’m sorry- but I’m just not finding the whole pit bull thing a reason on the gun control argument. BUT- I have found a sad story that’s show what happens when people over react with a gun: please click here .

Please be careful people- it’s people like good ‘ole Paul that pose a far bigger threat running amuck on the streets in your city.

Side note- it’s hard to find a unbiased page reporting dog attacks but I have found one! Check out their Facebook page!

2 thoughts on “Pit Bulls are the reason why you should oppose gun restrictions?

  1. Pit Bulls aren’t a problem at all in my neighborhood, but what frightens me the most are the lunatics wielding guns and shooting them off at anything that walks…


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