Mocking a Victim- cuz’ they can…

I always hear DBO AND TPBPMR members going on and on and on and on about how everyone picks on them. How THEY are the go to place if your a pit bull victim- and that’s true- IF jump on their band wagon of hate.

If you DON’T – well… This is what happens-


Meet Miss Staggard- read about her inspiring story here…
Now what could this brave young woman have done to deserve to be mocked by DBO members?

Here’s why: “Despite what’s happened Miss Staggard did not have anything against the American Staffy dog breed.
She has since adopted a puppy ‘Maxie’ of the same breed.”

Yup. That’s why. Let’s read their hateful comments:



There you folks- “Victim Advocacy” at their finest.

3 thoughts on “Mocking a Victim- cuz’ they can…

  1. I see where Thomas Mc Cartney from CANADA has already put his shyte $.02 in. Thomas McCartney aka Darrin Stephens (collected exorbitant amounts of the 1960’s show “Bewitched” memorabilia-more than likely using his monthly pensioner check and then has to eat cat food to sustain himself until the next check arrives) aka Lori K; aka Lori Wilson..a tired, lonely, wizened little senior robot drone worker-bee that must wear adult diapers to control his incontinence; that devotes all his time to hate for his fellow man, as he was tossed from his place of employment, hence, he has an abundance of leisure time. He’s one of those type who keeps old soda bottles, (he found them scavenging in a dumpster), by his computer so he can urinate in them instead of changing his diaper-after all, that cut/pasting involves quite a bit of concentration, and he pays no attention, otherwise, to his filled diapers. Each morning, should he feel the need to arise from his pallet, he looks in the mirror, glimpses the picture of Crazeen he has taped there and thinks…”My inspiration! My reason for living! My everything!” Sad, sad existence, Thomas.


  2. Did they ever simply think that maybe she just wants to own “One of those dogs”, because she likes them. Wow what a concept! Somehow I don;t think that will stick with the haters no matter how you try to teach them. Come to think of it, they are worse than any pit bull. They all need to seriously look in the mirror.


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