War on Terrorism

I know! Your probably like WTF is going on, right?!? Ha- welcome to my world.
Alright- so Dogsbite.org members are now part of the great think tank that helps prevent DOMESTIC TERRORISM. No, I jest… But they WISH they where.

Hold on to your hats folks- but yes- they are talking about pit bulls.
They are saying that as pit bull owners we are “Domestic Terrorist”. .
Now- what is the definition of Domestic Terrorism as per FBI:

Are you doing any of that? Your pit bull- like mine at this moment is probably snoring loudly in his/her bed and I’m pretty sure mine just farted.

Nope. Last time I checked my dogs have not traveled out of our city.

OMG– the suspense is killing me…

Well- that solves it. I’m not a Domestic Terrorist and my sleeping,snoring and farting dog is not my weapon of mass destruction.

Although in all seriousness- I need some fabreeze because my dog is just being horrible.


5 thoughts on “War on Terrorism

  1. The only weapon of mass destruction at my house is gas expelled from my 11yr old Pibble. Nasty! He can clear a room. But that’s all I have to offer.


  2. If snoring and farting is considered terrorist behavior some people need to get their heads checked by a professional. Or remove them from their asses.


  3. Another self description of DBO. When will they ever learn that the only thing that they are doing is making themselves look really stupid?


  4. the ONLY terrorist are those that belong to the head terrorist herself, Crazeen. She owns their soul, their bodies and all their materialistic belongings. When each and every one of them go over the cliff with her, and do not doubt that she will, I want to see each and every one of them squirm…she and her cronies are imploding more and more each day….it’s just a matter of time…


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