I always hear DBO supporters spouting off how “one with God” they are and it makes me wonder why they feel God is okay with their abusive disgusting behavior of treatment of humans & animals?

A dog was thrown out of a car, confused, probably scared shitless and only God knows what else is abandoned and then hit by a car. The poor animal probably did not die quickly, the poor animal was probably in horrible pain, broken, bloody on the cold pavement.

Yet- this is humorous to DBO members. Because to to them- this is not a dog. This is a mutant demon land shark from hell and it deserves whatever it gets.

Riiiiiight. God designated DBO members to be the righteous exterminators and abusers of a breed of dog. In fact- they brag about it.


They LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of pit type dogs or what they deem to be pit type dogs (American pit bull terrier, American & English Staffies, American Bulldogs, old English Bulldogs, bull mastiff, any mastiff, Cano Corso, Dogo, Presa, Catahoula leopard dog,Catahoula hog dog,
Catahoula Cur, Catahoula hound
Leopard Dogs, Leopard Cur And any mutt that possibly might look like any of those or basically any dog that bites
) dying by any method. By car, by gun, by knife, by needle- by any method.

It gets worse-

And worse-

Even worse-

These are the people that pretend to care. The Founder and board members of Daxton’s Friends, the founder and followers of Dogsbite.org, The twisted enthusiasts of Craven Desires. These are the people go to bed wishing, dreaming and hoping anything that could possibly be a certain breed of dog due a horrible, painful death.

According to them- God doesn’t care about a damn dog. Maybe he doesn’t but then again- maybe he cares about every living thing– but I guess we can ask him eventually.

4 thoughts on “God

  1. It seems they have a bad habit of making themselves look like the REAL monsters with every post they make… It’s obvious dogs are the least of our worries.


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