Who is “Kimberly Stojcanneverspellhername”?

You know what pisses a Foamers off? Transparency. Once we are open books- they have nothing.

I’m actually glad Foamers are using that picture! Not only is my husband pretty gosh darn Smexi- but this was such a happy day! Our second daughter was just born and we are celebrating! (Maybe that’s why they are so bitter….) I can’t believe how 2 years fly by.

Yes Ryan- that is the Kimberly S that created Foamer Talk! That Kimberly S is relaxing and talking to family while her oldest daughter is playing and her newborn is being spoiled by grandmama!

Although I’m confused on the whole “tracking down” part. This picture isn’t hidden. In fact- Kimberly S doesn’t hide herself… Unlike the Foamers behind hate pages.

Here is Kimberly S cuddling with her ankle biter! Don’t mind the circles under her eyes- sleep is not often for a mom to a newborn!

Obviously these Foamers are a bit behind. I don’t blame them considering they spend so much time creating files on pit owners but I’ve shared about myself here and here

When will Foamers learn- we are strong people. Which is one reason why they hate us so much. We do stand up and speak out against their hate and vileness, we won’t run off and kill our dogs, we won’t make excuses or let you make us feel guilty for your issues, we have healthy and happy families, we have healthy and happy dogs, we work, we pay taxes (which also include paying for your public defenders when you get arrested for your DUI’s), we are strong, we are united and we are the majority. FYI- next time use a recent picture, it helps you look credible.



Aww… Ryan, that’s so nice if you!

I kind of like my new cut & color too!

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