Selective Blame

It’s incredibly convenient for & Daxton’s friends to selectively chose whom to blame and whom not to blame. it all boils down to who jumps on their bandwagon and accepts their gift of bat shit insanity.

There is always someone or something to blame according to the twisted selective victims advocate Mr. William Johnson.

A family is grieving. A 7 year old boy was brutally mauled by A family dog that was trained to protect them. A nightmare for any family. However- they did not let Dogsbite Founder Colleen Lynn and Daxton’s Friends Founder Jeff Borchardt rail road them. They did not let those two parasitic cancers feed off their tragedy and use it for their campaign of violence, abuse & fear.

Mr. Kenneth Phillips. The notorious ambulance chaser and go to dog bite lawyer. This man (and I use that term loosely)– who has not had any contact with this family (In fact- according to sources- this family has turned away contact with DBO which has resulted in harassment of the grieving family from DBO members.) has put his two cents in.

(read full article here)
I’m curious- how does this case differ from Angela Rutledge who’s toddler was mauled by a family pit bull while she left her toddler (2 year old) downstairs and alone for a undisclosed amount of time?

I might be wrong- but leaving a 2 year old alone with a pit bull while you went upstairs for a undetermined amount of time with inability to hear the attack seems pretty negligent to me. Should she have been charged like Kenneth Phillips seems this family should be? I would think so- but not according to Mr. Phillips, & Daxton’s Friends. Why is that? Could it be because she’s a card carrying DBO member and a personal friend of Jeff Borchardt?
I would imagine so. When you absolve yourself of any responsibility and embrace the irresponsible, unethical and morally corrupt views of DBO & Jeff Borchardt than you get a free pass.


These parents- these parents that have rebuffed Colleen Lynn & Jeff Borchardt and refuse to let these parasites fester in their grief and become a new poster family for their hate filled agenda- should be charged-Should be made an example of. Not the mother who left her 2 year old alone downstairs and being so preoccupied that she couldn’t hear the brutal attack– or the babysitter who took a child out into the snow after the father told her to keep his only son away from her two large “pit bulls”? Both of those cases resulted in the brutal mauling of children. Both are results of negligence. Yet- they want this family thrown in jail?

Selective blaming. It’s almost like extortion. “Either accept us or we will do everything we can to make your life hell.” is what they are saying. Tell the public that YOU are so incredibly stupid and have the inability to chose a pet, research a breed of dog and take responsibility for YOUR choices and you will be held blame free.

Even though a pit bull has ZERO to do with this tragedy- it always circles around to it. Although I really do question William Johnson ethical role as proclaiming himself a victims advocate– considering he victimized his customers and humiliated them over and over again.

If examples should have been made- they should have been made by two previous deaths by negligent caretakers. Careful Kenneth- people are starting to ask questions.


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