The real Face of Breed specific legislation

How many times do we hear Dogsbite.Org and Jeff Borchardt telling us BSL does not mean people are going to come in our homes and take away our dogs and kill them? Countless.

What is happening in Louisiana right now is showing the true agenda of their “cause”. To take your innocent dog away and kill it- based on
Mind you- this innocent dog has been with this family and has ZERO aggression issues. But that doesn’t matter.

You read that right- no grandfather clause for the already existing dogs that haven’t hurt a single person.

“Taken for further disposition” aka “taken and killed”. (Read the full story here)

So let me get this straight- some “dogs” are supposedly running around- no documented dog attacks and we all know according to DBO members if a pit bull or Rotties bite it’s guaranteed trip to the ER Trauma unit. So, why are pit bulls and Rotties being round up Dec 1st and killed?
Isn’t this what BSL supporters keep telling us WON’T happen?

Really? Well- these stories must be all lies-
1. attack one
2. attack two
3.attack three
And I might be wrong- but I don’t think the military and the police use German Shepherds because they are always a bundle of fluff.

Gee- I wonder what Foamers/DBO members think about this?

Really Amber? Just sell your house and uproot your family because YOUR INNOCENT dog is a breed that some people don’t like? Wait- did you know Amber is a rottie owner? What about the Rotties, Amber? What if those were your dogs? Oh that’s right- because Ambers unaltered Rotties are just the bee’s knees.

Shocking. Really, is anyone shocked?

Well, when there are no pit bulls- who will he shoot next?

What about all of the innocent people and dogs that have to live by Foamers? You know- because Foamers are notorious for stalking their neighbors, trying to poison other people’s dogs….


Now, Rachel- I get that you are a moron who is attracted to a sociopath who talks about stabbing, sexually assaulting, murdering, poisoning women pit bull owners and their dogs- but in case your deviant behavior has affected your ability to read- this BSL/ban is all about taking your dog and killing it. Why should law abiding tax paying AMERICAN citizens give up their innocent dogs? Please explain how it is selfish to fight for what is yours?
Or is- the selfish, murdering, destructive force is Rachel and her fellow DBO buddies?

Gloat now- but this will comeback and bite you in the ass. If this dog and hundreds of dogs are rounded up and killed because of this unethical morally corrupt and questionably legal act- you have sealed your own fate. It’s one thing to put down a known aggressive dog that has attacked- but when you start targeting innocent family pets- that tends to upset millions.

That’s the thing about being the “majority”. The majority is never silent. Look at Aurora- the small town you love to brag about. (You know, where Jeff Borchardts father in law supposedly lives- except he lives in a another town…) their majority spoke up and kept the ban in place. That wasn’t silent. Neither are the other towns that are over turning BSL and bans almost weekly. When the majority speaks you will hear them- it’s not a whisper but a roar.

But when members of DBO even speak up in concern about how WRONG this is-


Well…. Is this the beginning of the end for BSL?

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