Will the real “Ali Dixon” please stand up?

In the world of social media, you really have no idea who you are dealing with. Fake profiles hiding the cowardly faces of hate that have a single mission: Stalk, harass, steal and basically just make your life miserable. One Facebook page’s sole purpose is to destroy those that work hard for those that can not defend themselves. Let’s welcome “The Truth about the Lexus Project”.


According to The Truth About the Lexus Project:

“In the case of Phineas the Lab (owners Patrick and Amber Sanders) in Salem Mo., a small town of 5,000, that bit a seven year old little girl (Kendall) while she was leaving her best friend’s (Lexy) back yard (he lived on a chain in the back yard and had not been rabies vaccinated or neutered) the little friend was holding him back to let the victim pass and exit the gate but the dog broke free and attacked and dragged her, (another little friend who was present that day witnessed the bite)approximately four feet back into the yard.

He had been showing signs that he was escalating in aggression, by biting (at a level 1 or 2) Kendall and her older sister, but Patrick witnessed those two bites and disciplined him. The mayor and city attorney deemed the dog vicious after receiving the police report. The Lexus Project and their pro bono attorney were brought on (The Lexus Project had the temerity to call the Sanders first attorney inept). The owners admitted to the bite then denied it once Joe Simon, the pro bono attorney stepped in. The victim’s family was slandered and harrassed in the town by the dog owners and their extended family and friends on Topix and other places and for 10 months and 7 months (14 months total) by 170,000 supporters of the dog on the Save Phineas page. The victim’s mother received a phone death threat at her work. The supporters refused to believe a Lab would bite.

They eventually gave photos of the bite to a “dog aggression expert, (a notorious whitewasher of dog guilt) and a bite expert who came back with reports excluding the dog as the biter, big surprise. They then started accusing a family member (mainly the maternal Grandmother, Debbie Sybert, saying she has Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy) of having bit her and that Family Services should be called, which they indeed did to the point that Family Services got tired of them calling. The dog was even stolen from the vets office where he was being housed (no forced entry) six days before the hearing and for nearly a week, attorney Simon announced on his business page that he believed the victim’s grandfather stole him and murdered him. Psychics also gave readings that the dog was murdered. Tracking dogs were brought in. The victim’s family was terrorized by phone messages (their number having been given out on the Save Phineas page) and slept in shifts for days.

The Hearing for Relief went forward in absentia of the dog. The same judge, who had ruled a few short months before for the city, exonerated the dog because 1.) the previous bites that were reported to AC officer were deemed hearsay as the dates were in question. 2.) the expert (ruled out Phineas as biter, but the oreintation of bite overlay was wrong, no puncture wounds but stated in court there clearly were puncture wounds?? and vet’s testimoney (vet said he thought the bite looked like a “primate” bite???). Miraculously the dog appeared the next day and a story was concocted about how a dog loving sympathizer (who had seen the billboards that are still up on I44 that say Salem Mo. wants to kill me, Phineas.) had stolen the dog and came knocking, dressed in disguise, to the owners door on a rainy night and told them to leave a cryptic message on the Facebook page when it was safe to return the dog. A meeting place was set up but they never got to thank the mysterious man because he drove off “right before they got to the drop off sight”.

A group of supporters then a started a fund to move the family out of the area due to “threats against them and the dog”, none of which were ever reported to police by the way. The dog is being hidden somewhere and supporters of the family, who brokeoff from The Lexus Project, started a donation site and raised $25,000 for the family to move away and be united with the dog.”

Every page that serves a purpose has an agenda. The person who created this page started with a agenda. The person who created this page creates fake profiles to harass people that do not agree with her view. The person who created this page rubs elbows with some of the biggest breed specific violent, disgusting, animal abusing individuals out there.  Every one say hello to Ms. Ali Dixon!


Ms. Dixon likes to say to her victims that she doesn’t run or own that page but behind closed doors in private hate groups- she likes to say differently:

Whhhaaaat? Wow Ms. Dixon, are you sure? Because you threw a huge fit when someone said you did. Are you really, really sure?

Well, I’m glad you confirmed that. But the real question is: Who is Ali Dixon?
Ladies & Gentlemen- let me introduce Mary Mrozowicz of Rolla, Missouri.

After doing some digging I found why the super secret fake profiles are needed. The co-owner of the “best selection of booze” in Rolla, Missouri can’t be seen harassing people and supporting hate pages/groups like Dogsbite.org. What I don’t understand is, if she feels so justified in her cause, why does she feel the need to hide?  This woman’s hatred towards a family, an innocent dog, a lawyer who stepped up and refused to let Mary and her family railroad and murder an innocent dog, shows with every keystroke she types.

I mentioned before, that every Facebook page, every blog, everything written that is shared with people, has an agenda.  Mary’s agenda is to make sure that no dog has a voice.  That wrong or right, true or false, an animal is a perfect sacrifice for the stupidity of humans. In this case, the object of her hate was innocent  and she can’t stand that.
Everyone say Hi to Mary/Ali & her hubby!

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