Who pays the price?

I really do not understand mankind. You know who pays the price for mankind’s stupidity, greed and irresponsibility? Everything but mankind.

A poor girl was killed by a pack of feral dogs on a tribal reservation-
It makes sense to round up that pack of wild dogs and euthanize them. Makes 100% sense.
What doesn’t make sense?
Not just feral dogs- but people’s pets.
(read full story here)

When is this okay? Under what circumstance is this okay?
Who is approving and paying for this?

The tribal housing authority?
“As sovereign nations, tribes are the direct recipients of federal funding from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Each tribe designates an entity to administer its housing programs with these federal dollars. Referred to as a Tribally Designated Entity, or TDHE, the organization may be a department within the tribe, tribal housing authority with separate board of commissioners, or a nonprofit organization. The entity designated by the tribe to receive HUD funds must comply with the rules and requirements of the program. “
(Read more here..)

Federal spending is approved by congress. Which of course spends your money. (Yep- your tax dollars just paid for these people to round up non offending dogs and kill them- because like that fixes the problem of irresponsible people.)

You know who approves of these tactics? Dogsbite.org members.

Yup- just round ’em all up and kill them.

If it’s easy to walk around killing innocent dogs than you have no business advocating for anything. EVER.

When will enough be enough?

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