Get to Know the Founder of Daxton’s Friends

Daxton’s Friends is the brain child of Jeff Borchardt made in the memory of his son killed tragically by his babysitter’s dogs. Daxton’s Friends was launched under the facade of being an “unbiased source for canine information” for our communities but if you’ve ever had the displeasure of interacting with Jeff Borchardt and their board members, then you quickly find out their true agenda.

Jeff Borchardt:

Part time DJ and carpenter from Wisconsin, he tragically lost his son to a horrific dog attack due to the irresponsible behavior of their friend and fellow Board member Susan Iwiki. With so many variations of the real events and different testimonies from numerous sources, Mr. Borchardt was pushing to have charges filed against Susan Iwiki and the threat was serious enough that Ms. Iwiki felt the need to search for legal counsel.

For WHATEVER reason, The Borchardt’s did not press for charges to be filed instead defending her even though Ms. Iwiki knowingly & willingly broke an agreement that led to the death of his child. Since then, Mr. Borchardt has shifted blame from the individual responsible to millions of people NOT responsible with the goal of killing an entire breed(s) of dogs.

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1. Statements & info

2. Character

3. Who Jeff Borchardt REALLY is.

4. The blame game

This founder of a pending non- profit is known widely for his continuous harassment of pit bull owners & even fellow victims that do not follow his agenda. According to actual victims, they have stated Borchardt routinely tells those refusing to join the ranks of the extremists- “if you are not part of the problem then you are part of the problem.” Unless you are willing to let Borchardt and Daxton’s Friends exploit your tragedy he will stop at nothing to continue re- victimizing the real victims.

Unfortunately it’s easy to follow his trail of harassment and no one is safe. From Autistic Children to families that just lost a child due to a dog attack– the one thing all of Jeff Borchardt’s victims have in common is: they do not yield to his demands.

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2. Act 2

3. Fair Weather Friends

2 thoughts on “Get to Know the Founder of Daxton’s Friends

    1. Cassy,

      I don’t think so — I think it makes him feel better to think it was nobody’s fault but the dogs. Otherwise he would have to admit that he takes part of the blame.

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