The Twilight Zone starring Cindy Ryder: Part 1

You are about to enter the BSL Twilight Zone, where nothing makes sense and bat [email protected] crazy is the flavor of the day!

In this episode, we introduce Cindy Ryder- an aging professional victim that has a habit of threatening 12 year olds, not paying her bills and continuously harassing individuals.

Now, Cindy lost her dog to a terrible tragedy and has joined forces with the notorious Jeff Borchardt & Colleen Lynn in the attempt to make a name for herself. Now, Cindy has made a desperate plea to the media to gain the attention of legislators in an attempt to make every single person pay for her loss… of her dog.


Although- who is Cindy Ryder? I suppose the answer will vary depending on who you ask. If you ask her fellow BSL advocates, Ms. Ryder is a victim of the pit bull lobby, she’s weak, fragile but a guiding light to their uphill battle of killing every pit bull known to man. If you ask me, I’ll tell you bluntly that she’s a total quack and I’m sure HER victims would agree! What’s that you ask? Cindy Ryder has victims? Unfortunately, Ms. Ryder leaves a trail of destruction in her neighboring and no age is off limits.

My goodness! It can’t be true, can it? Let’s have a look, shall we?

Well- it seems as if Ms. Ryder has made a name for herself in the Wisconsin court system.

Alright, so the first case involved the tragic accident where two families lost their beloved pets. It’s the second case that kind of makes you wonder-

Now, this family had NOTHING to do
with Cindy’s tragic loss. That family’s crime? They dared to own a large non-pit bull?


This family was threatened and harassed to the point were they felt the need to get a restraining order against Cindy and it seems as if the court felt it was justified and granted it.

What’s her excuse for threatening to shoot a 12 year old’s NON Pit bull dogs? Oh, I’m sure she’s got a dozen but they aren’t worth squat… unless you are her fellow BSL advocates, then they will pat her on the back and tell her it’s perfectly NORMAL to tell a 12 year old that she’s going to shoot her dogs.

You know, we hear BSL advocates ramble on about no one wanting a pit bull for a neighbor dog, but according to court records and the history of this insane woman- I’m pretty sure her neighbors would rather live next a zoo filled with baboons then Cindy Ryder. I guess that’s the problem with spouting off nonsense to the media… Somehow the truth just comes out and bites you in the ass.

Stay tuned in for part 2!

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