Not in the news…


Honestly, that would be far more hilarious  if it wasn’t true. It’s amazing how I take a break from blogging to enjoy spring break and our 90° degree days  and the quack pack over in Pro BSL land are still going steady with craziness.

However, while BSL advocates lay around in their infested swamp of hate, Pit Bull owners are rallying together showing just how wrong BSL Advocates are. Check out the Facebook page Rafa the not so baby pit bull and you will see the uplifting campaign of showing what #themajority of pit bulls are doing.


Today,  at this very moment- there are 4.8 million pit bulls just marinating and hanging out with their families. 4.8 million pit bull type dogs growing old with their families. Some are laying on the couch watching their buddy beat level 23 on whatever Xbox game and some are sharing chips with their owner as they watch a movie. One might be laying in his tweenager’s room as she cries about a boy who broke her heart, comforting her with not a single word but with just a look. One is probably laying upside down with his 15 lb. furry housemate on the couch snoring away. I’m pretty sure a few are chasing balls, swimming, riding in a car, rolling in the grass and plotting how to steal the last pillow.

One or two of them are part of their owners weddings and some are comforting parents who lost their child in a tragedy. Some are laying beside their owners who have returned from chemotherapy, some are watching their owners as they pace back and forth waiting for contractions to get closer before they deliver a baby, some are letting a child who is spending months in a hospital bed fighting a disease pet and hug them and some are comforting a slider  as he struggles with the horrors of war.

Today, not in the news- an estimated  4.8 million pit bull type dogs that are at home just loving their family.


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