10 thoughts on “Not so Hue Hue Hue over in BSL Land…

  1. Boy….she just totally lost her mind!!! I don’t think he meant *her* family when he said *guess you just roll the dice with your family…..* I think he was using you as a nonspecified group type pronoun…as you in general. Man you can tell how close to the surface the lack of control is. It is right *there*. Get a grip.
    (What’s with the stupid Hue Hue Hue anyway? That sounds really stupid. I feel like responding *tint, tint, tint* or *color, color, color*. Makes as much sense.

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    1. I think the same thing! What the hell is “hue hue hue” supposed to mean? Is it laughing? I don’t say “Hue” I say “ha” — hue is a reference to color.

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