Point made…


“Next time someone dies via drunk driving, let’s start blaming the drink companies and the auto manufactures , cause it’s their fault, not the drunk driver. If that sounds stupid, then it’s exactly the same logic pit nutters have.”- Aaron Wood, BSL Supporter

Do you they even realize that they contradict themselves every time they type? Let’s see if I can break it down for them to understand….


That seems pretty simple, right? For normal people, yes… but for BSL advocates like Aaron, I will need to go a bit more in depth- Since dogs are considered property, when a dog attack happens, where does the responsibility of the attacking fall? On the owner right? Well, most normal people would assume so. Dogs are not capable of irresponsibility, that is all on humans. If there is any issue with a dog, 100% of the times a human is behind it. Whether it starts with the breeder or starts with the owner- humans have a hand in every dog attack and it’s time we start shining the light on the real issue. Human Irresponsibility.

It’s not breed specific but it’s obvious some breeds seem to be highlighted more. I can do a simple google search right now and find hundreds of cases of irresponsible dog ownership that have nothing to do with pit bulls and this is where BSL fails our community.  BSL tells you- that as long as you are irresponsible with any breed of dog EXCEPT pit type dogs you will be fine. IF BSL advocates want to keep placing 100% blame on a breed of dog then they have no legal stance to be able to sue or require any sort of financial/legal judgments on pit bull owners because it’s always the dog and never the human.


The best way to prevent dog related tragedies is to promote a community based program with local rescue groups to teach families Dog ownership 101. Squash the myths and make dog owners step up and take the leash in being responsible dog owners. It’s not rocket science folks… just takes some effort – which might be why BSL advocates fail miserably at it.


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