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The truth is harsh. No, but seriously- why is it BSL Advocates feel that society owes them anything? That millions of pit type owners owe them anything? Why do they feel Animal Farm Foundation, ASPCA, NCRC, Oboma, Humane Society, the tooth fairy, you, you over there, some Joe Blow in Texas, 4.8 million pit bulls, and Santa Claus owes them anything?

News Flash: 

Nobody owes you a [email protected] thing.

Nobody owes you:

  • Compassion
  • Sympathy
  • Empathy
  • Understanding
  • Pity

Sounds harsh- but you can’t suger coat it for these morons.  I get it- BSL Advocates feel entitled.

 the feeling or belief that you deserve to be given something (such as special privileges)”.

Sound familier?  Of course, most people feel sympathetic when someone suffers a loss- especially when it’s a child however- not a single person is obligated to feel that way. The fact that BSL Advocates feel that they have the right  to demand that shows just how deep their narcissistic behavior runs.


BSL Advocates are emotional vampires, they can suck out what ever compassion or sympathy you might have ever had for them and then demand more even when you have zero left to give- and when can not give another drop, they play the guilt card. They harass you, bully you, torment you- until you sacrifice your priorities, your morals and your basic common sense or you just tell them to take a flying leap into an ocean of broken glass.


…. and that is where the majority of society is at with BSL Advocates. They moan & groan about losing friends daily because of their violent extremist beliefs-

“I’ve lost almost all of my friends in the last three years one by one because of my BSL stance.”- Lucinda Hollingsworth Boutin

I too have had many good friends delete me…”- Sonya Del Rio

If you are losing good solud friends because they are uncomfortable and disturbed by your violent & negative beliefs- you probably should reevaluate yourself. Although this is what the DBO CULT want to happen- they want to isolate you from anyone with a different opinion:


A true friend will step and point out when your losing your marbles and sounding like a raving lunatic- I guess it’s obvious Harve as none of those because she always sounds bat [email protected] crazy.

I’ve yet to find one pit bull advocate that hasn’t felt sympathy at some point (and still do) for many of these enternal victims- but since they refuse to shoulder the misplaced blame they become human haters and baby killers according to DBO.

The only human haters and baby killers I see are those refusing to step up and be responsible for their actions- any future  losses fall squarely on DBO’s & Daxton’s Friends doorstep.


Go ahead DBO- keep allowing self pity, hate, ignorance, violence and excuses for irresponsibility because it won’t stop. The more DBO members keep giving free passes to people like Borchardt, Lynn, Harve, William Johnson, Iwiki- the more disgust and rejection they will recieve. 

You reap what you sow….

I for one am alllll tapped out on compassion for those folks and that’s not going to change anytime soon- there are people far more deserving of our compassion, empathy and good will then any of those morons.


One thought on “News Flash

  1. It’s true — when I first read Jeff Borchardt’s story, I cried for his loss. Now after seeing his online behaviour toward girls and women, I’m all out of sympathy (for him…my sympathy for his wife and late child remains).

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