Challenge Issued

Are you a Pit bull Advocate? Owner/Founder of any Pit bull Rescue? A public Anti BSL Advocate? According to BSL advocates- they are ready for Colleen Lynn, their supreme leader to start going toe to toe in debating facts and statistics with you!

I know I’m ready to see Colleen debate real facts and statistics with actual experts and I know thousands of people who would love to see this go down.

I’m sure Borchardt would love to listen but that’s because he’s to much of a coward to debate or discuss anything that differs from his kill all pit bulls rant. Remember the no-show on a popular pet program because they were anti BSL? HILAROUS.

I am interested in seeing how this goes down on the pro-pit pages.”- Lynne Smith

Well… I’m not sure about everyone but I’m ready for a round table discussion between the two sides. Lay it all out on the table- Facts vs. Myths, community safety, dog bite prevention, Breed specific legislation and what it really means, responsible dog ownership, the real numbers,  let the public decide. Isn’t that what Borchardt says? Let’s let the public decide? 

Fred, Brent Toellner, any takers? Although- don’t get to excited, I have this feeling Colleen will do what Colleen does best…. hide from the truth.

8 thoughts on “Challenge Issued

  1. I have offered about a bagillion time and they run. I have owned, trained and worked bully breeds for over twenty years. I have worked with legislators and co-authored dangerous dog ordinances that are still in effect. The State of Massachusetts used language from an ordinance to make Massachusetts an anti-BSL state. The DBO people claim I cannot debate them…I AM HERE AND WAITING. I am open to talking about training, canine behavior, breeds, BSL, dog attacks, etc. Its time they step up to the offer.

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  2. HaHaHaHaHa…oh golly I laughed at that!! Like her ir anyone else in that group is going to do anything besides print flyers, troll rescue pages so they can spew their bile on any posting of possible pit bulls, whine incessantly on their ( 50+) pages, amass a stockpile of weapony to fight the said pit bull apocalypse, accuse each other of being traitors and backstabbers, make spreadsheets to keep track of all their fake profiles, and mainly talk about how horrible they think you are….all while rounding up a ridiculous list of your *victim attack* pages.
    (FOOLISH FOLLIES????? not even the same writing style morons…get a grip)
    They just don’t realize how absolutely irrelevant they are!!!

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