The Plague Of Stupidity


I’m honestly astounded by the lack of intelligence that is running rampant among the media. I mean- is there not enough news in the world? No updates on the large earthquake that shook the other side of the world? Rioting and looting calming down too much for them? 

Hey! Let’s ask reporter Maggie Fox of NBC. What’s her new thought provoking story? 

Pit Bull Spreads Plague to Four People

I kid you not. Good ‘ole Maggie writes-

“It started with a sick pit bull, and its owner, two vet techs and a close personal contact of the dog’s owner all ended up infected.”- 

Well, that’s an outright lie- considering in another story it states: Often the cases come after a domestic animal has come into contact with prairie dogs who are infected.”  If Maggie Fox was a serious journalist, her head line would have been along the line of “Possible prairie dog infected family pet with …” Which would have been the truth. Let’s also mention that the freaking story is over a year old.

I don’t know about you- but I’m a huge History Channel nerd and every once in awhile it shows the Black Death. If you make it through the show (it’s like 3 hours long) towards the end- it brings the Black Plague possibility into the future- stating the states in the west, including Colorado were wild rodents such as prairie dogs were known carriers. 

It’s alllll about making a headline and damn the people it hurts, right Maggie? Never mind that the dog (pit bull- not like the breed matters), a family pet- died a horrible and painful death. Never mind the fear that the owner and other victims felt but yet the relief they also must have felt knowing that all plague can be treated with an antiobotic. 

Maggie Fox goes on to contradict her own disgusting headline by adding-

Both the man and the dog were coughing up blood, so either could have infected her. But the timeline makes it look more likely that the man infected her.”

I think the worst part is- Maggie Fox has found a way to add another layer of fear on a already unjustly blamed breed. I don’t get it- what was the point? The dog died and the humans lived. Way to kick a dead dog, Maggie Fox- how long until a BSL extremists decides to justify killing an innocent pit bull due to your story? Time will tell….


One thought on “The Plague Of Stupidity

  1. Yep, our local news paper also picked up and ran the story. And most of the comments were so stupid. I guess that is how the worst journalists, the ones at the bottom of the barrel, have to make a name for themselves, not matter who or what they hurt. Although, I do not really think it will help their “journalist” career!

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