Thank You Ray ❤️

It didn’t just rain last night- it poured and if anyone who knows what it’s like in Phoenix in May then you know just how irregular that is, but as my daughter likes to explain it is that sometimes the earth is just sad and she couldn’t be any more right.

People that don’t understand pit bulls will never know just how inspiring these dogs are. Ray the Vicktory dog passed away and because of him- the world is a little bit sadder that he’s gone but it’s a brighter and better place because he was here.

 I remember pulling my dog out of a cat crate, filthy, stinky, shaking and scared- I remember trying to control my anger and resisting the urge to throat punch the assholes that had done this to him. A back yard breeding gone wrong- the little black puppy wasn’t up to par and they were ready to just throw him out like he was trash.

 3 years later, that big eared black dog is the best dog a family could ask for and when I look at him, I see part of Ray’s unrelenting spirit inside him. 


I never met Ray, but that doesn’t mean I can’t honor his memory and keep fighting for his spirit that is woven in the souls of millions of pit bulls like mine. 

Ray made a difference when he was alive and the impact he made was enormous but he’s not done yet- he will continue to change minds and hearts even though he’s not physically here.

Thank you Ray. Scrappy & my Family thank you for everything you’ve done. Millions of families thank you for showing the world just how amazing pit bulls are.


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