Apples and Oranges

Our Colleen Lynn in Texas, hallowed be thy name.

Your website be updated daily, your will be done, In the U.S and Globally.

Give us today our hate propaganda and Forgive us our lack of donations, as we forgive those who refuse to donate to our gofundmes.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from pit bulls, pit bull mixes and any dog we can turn into a pit bull. 

For thine Facebook kingdom, the craziness and the belligerent violence are yours. 

Now and for ever because those blasted demon pit bulls will never die off.

Hah! Part of me wondered if I was going to get struck by lightening writing that but I couldn’t help it- especially now that BSL Advocates are comparing themselves & each other to biblical figures.

Clifton…. The prophet. This isn’t the first time DBO members refer to themselves as “prophets” or disciples. William Johnson, Jeff Borchardt, Tony Solisky, Richard Prince,  Gail Rosbach, Jennifer Sue, Christy Cornell, Thomas McCartney, Harve Morgan, Mary Ann Redfern… each and every one of those have professed to being called by a higher power to spread the word of BSL and hate. 12 disciples!

Oh the irony is strong with this. As many of you know, I’m a history nerd. I swear, if I didn’t get my degrees in the fields that I did I would have been a history major. BUT- one thing history shares with us is- the old testament was not very  kind to the prophets and the 12 disciples.

I mean, Judas… well, we know what happened with him. Andrew was crucified, Bartholomew was crucified upside down, James was stoned, the other James was beheaded, Paul was beheaded in Rome, Peter was crucified under Nero, Phillip was executed, Thomas was thrust through in the four members of his body with a pine spear at Calamene, the city of India. But here is the kicker- not one of those men preached hate or violence and each of those men understood that their lives would not be easy. They knew they would be persecuted and possibly killed. Jesus even told Peter he would die for him. Yet, last time I checked- I’ve yet to see a bible verse where it shows any of those men complaining, whining or calling for violence towards innocent people and animals.

It’s not uncommon for people to compare their lives and struggles with figures from the past, but for there is nothing biblical or God like in any of them. When I think of members, I think more along the line of…..

  1. Caligula
  2. Phalaris  (you know.. the guy who invented the Brazen Bull, where he roasted his victims alive in it.)
  3. Catalina de los Ríos y Lisperguer
  4. Idi Amin Dada
  5. Elizabeth Bathory
  6. Yeah, when I think of members I have a really hard time seeing any likeness to any of God’s chosen people….. I picture people who cruelly target, harass, stalk, bully and emotionally torture individuals, children, families and millions of others just because they don’t like your dog.

8 thoughts on “Apples and Oranges

  1. I do not understand these people. Not at all. When the HuffPo ran that beautiful article about Ray’s death, they had to spew their venom all over the comment section. This was a dog who started life in hell, and became an ambassador. He never hurt anyone or anything. He died without “going off”. Although I was accused of child endangerment for letting him interact with children, he was never less than loving towards them. He was DBOs worst nightmare: a pit bull who never did anything but love people.

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    1. And they can’t stand it and even though I really enjoy poking fun at their ignorance, I feel bad for their broken selves. I can’t even imagine being as miserable as those people are and they love that misery- but when they have zero live in their lives In guess they have zero love to give.

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  2. Agreeing with everything you said, but actually just here to give you props for knowing your apostles! Looks like someone stayed awake in Catechesis class….

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