Jeff & Earl, Sitting in a Tree….


Dog fighting. It’s disgusting, It’s vile, Inhumane, inhuman, gory, cruel, heart breaking, violent and anyone who can sit back and enjoy it on any level is a piece of shit.

Yes, you Jeffery Sloan, are a piece of shit. You know why? Because you get off on sick shit like this: (Warning: graphic violence)- click here

Jeffery, I’m pretty sure there is a special place in hell for you, but you won’t be alone- your good ‘ole buddy Earl will be joining you.

Earl thinks that video is great. I’m sure that sick bastard popped some popcorn and stripped down to his stained undies as he waited with baited breath for Jeffery Sloan to send him the full video of dogs fighting.


“Not to spoil it, but it should come as no surprise that the pit bull decided to run away while it still could.“- Jeffery Sloan

I thought all pit bulls, according to Jeff Borchardt, William Johnson, Racheal Simas and the rest of the other morons over in BSL land that pit bulls are these genetically engineered killing  beasts that never walk away from a fight. That they never give into flight. That they are hard wired into just killing. Well, that disgusting video just blew that theory out of the water.

I’ve come to expect this sadistic behavior from Sloan, I mean He created a closed group with his leader Borchardt to discuss large dogs & dog fighting.

Dogs still made to fight by men- but it’s cool to Sloan ‘cuz it just looked like they were wrestling… with teeth.

You hear that fellow ‘mericans? We just don’t understand true dog fighting. “Very rarely were the dogs injured”. Coughcoughbullshitcoughcough 

Let me tell you why the majority of us ‘mericans cringe at the thought of dog fighting- better yet, let me show you why: (warning- graphic)

Yeah….. Daxton’s Friends supporting one dog fighter at a time.

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