The Little Red Dog

I honestly meant for this post to be about other things. Filled with anger, vengeance, sarcasm, mocking- the usual, completely justified and aimed at yet another BSL advocate but as I was reading, I had remembered something. No matter how hard BSL advocates bitch, whine and cry- these dogs that they hate so much prove them wrong every day and no one should know that better than Liz Marsden.

Liz Marsden, a former dog trainer, former employer at Washington Animal Rescue League, current active and proud card carrying BSL supporter knows first-hand, whether she wants to admit it to her new fan club or not- just how full of shit they are.

 “In fact, pit bull breeds come from 100 percent fighting dog stock. They’re genetically fitted to attack with no triggers and to keep attacking until their victims are dead.” – Liz Marsden

Life states differently. Contrary to DBO belief, “creating” a fighting dog is incredibly difficult.

“Even Louis Colby, a renowned breeder and reformed dogfighter, has said that if you mated two champion dogs and harvested a litter of twelve pups, there might be one champion in the group.” – Lost Dogs

If anything Michael Vicks dogs proved that. Michael Vicks proved that no matter how much money you had, breeding dogs to be successful fighters is by chance. Even with the genetics and the man made hell environment- these dogs obliterate the genetic argument. They prove that both nature and nurture go hand in hand.

“I worked for the Washington Animal Rescue League in 2007 when eleven of the Michael Vick pit bulls were kept there for several months, pending permanent resolution. So I have much more experience with this topic than the average person”- Liz Marsden


Even though Liz enjoys embellishing her actual role (lying her ass off…) with her interaction with 11 amazing pit bulls rescued from the Vicks property, which is pretty standard for the majority of BSL supporters, but what they forget is the truth shall set them free…from their lies.

“Liz was contracted along with another trainer to evaluate and suggest enrichment for them during their stay with us, We have placed dogs transferred here from the ASPCA after fighting dog busts so you can see that her opinion(s) is not that of the League ”- Washington Anima; Rescue League

In reality, Liz Marsden had absolutely nothing to do with what would happen to these beyond thinking of ways to entertain these dogs while being held in secret from October to January. She did not train or handle these dogs in ay professional rehabilitating capacity- if she had, she would know just how human oriented these dogs were to the point of amazing the staff at WARL. Evaluations of these 11 and the rest of the dogs were done by Dr. Z, Donna Reynolds Co-Founder, Executive Director of BADRAP and Tim Racer CFO, Co-Founder of BADRAP, three certified animal behaviorists from their group. A 8 person team that did not include Liz Marsden whatsoever. Either way, out of all of these dogs, including the 11 held a WARL which were some of the most difficult cases, only one was euthanized for aggression.

“That last dog was the overbred female who had been so aggressive that the team had not even been able to evaluate. Less than two weeks later, on October 1, a court order approved the measure and a black female pit bull, known only as #2621, which had been forcibly bred to the point that she’d turned violent, was given a lethal injection of sodium pentobarbital. Within minutes, her suffering was ended. ”- Lost Dogs page 397

47 dogs are living happily and are loved in their individual homes. Some homes for a select few may be at Best Friends, but home is where they are loved, protected and cherished which those at Best Friends do very well. Contrary to Liz and her exaggerated credentials, these dogs may have been bred to be fighters but their genetics refused to let them be that and many dogs on the Vicks property paid the ultimate price for failing epically.

A little red dog, one of many whose genetics refused to let her be the monster Liz Marsden and her fellow hate mongers wanted her to be and because of that- that little red dog was beat, drowned and while still alive was swung by her feet by a millionaire football player against a tree over and over until she finally died, then thrown in a pit like trash.

47 dogs and millions of others show the world that genetics is a very small slice in a very large pie and Liz Marsden can continue to support animal abusers like Richard Prince but every day she has to live with the fact that 47 dogs are living proof of just how wrong she is.

That little red dog is proof of just how wrong Liz Marsden is.

4 thoughts on “The Little Red Dog

  1. But in the end the little red dog was free. Free from that vile monster and free from being forced to be something she could never be.
    I hate Vick so much…..if one more idiot ever says to me “he served his time” I swear I will snap.

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  2. Question? Why do these morons continue to lie about their knowledge, experience, involvement with pit bulls and specifically the Vick dogs? It is so easy to find the actual truth and prove them wrong, time and time again you have done so as well as others. To continually lie and embellish only makes them look even more stupid. I always appreciate that they seem to have no sense whatsoever!!

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