Fanatical Friday

Just wrapping this amazing work week with some of the usual ignorant comments made by our favorite mentally disturbed individuals over in BSL world….


I mean, what is wrong with these people? What normal person thinks of that nasty stuff on a normal basis?


I will admit- I am a horrible speller… But, it’s “pit”… Might want to check your sh@t before talking about millions of folks…


Yes, I’m going to remind Rachel Simas just how mentally damaged she is on a daily basis. Since she’s a genetic expert without a H.S Diploma- I wonder if her ignorance is genetic? Case of bad breeding?


Right- just kill ’em all, right Jeff? I know some communities that feel that way against convicted drug dealers & drunk drivers…


It’s alllll fun and games when you are just “hypothetically” joking about torturing and killing dogs.


How many infamous serial killers were white middle aged men? Last time I CHECKED- there is no court that has convicted a dog for being a serial killer…


Stay at home dads, pit bulls, vengeful lesbians, rising gas prices, mexicans, muslims, short skirts, Obama, Micky mouse, Bugs bunny, the kardashians… Alllll contributing to the end of the world.


Love it. Love the fact those dogs will continuously be bitch slapping BSL Advocates on a daily basis for the rest of their miserable dog hating ignorant sad little lives. ❤

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