Sarrah & Her Imaginary Dog

Once upon a time, there was was this lonely woman named Sarrah. Poor Sarrah had no friends outside of her online hate groups. One day, Sarrah decided to sit down at her computer and make up an imaginary tale to impress her Facebook friends.


In Sarrah’s imagination land, she spins a incoherent tale of bullshit about her newly single mom who happened to be a respected vet that wanted to make her fatherless girls happy by buying a purebred papered pit bull puppy for 100$. Of course Sarrah’s mommy who was a vet had no clue what a dreaded pit bull was or that she just just bought one.

According to Sarah’s imagination- Lefty the 100$ purebred pit bull puppy became a killing machine! Ate chicks, fuzzy rodents, small dogs, people with hats….


Sarrah’s imaginary dog was a beast! Her imaginary dog was so blood thirsty that Sarrah’s imaginary mommy who was a well respected vet just ignored it all!


Even the pound knew what a beast Sarrah’s imaginary pit bull Lefty was but they just ignored all of it- eveninored Sarrah’s imaginary mommy (who was a vet) who demanded the imaginary beast known as Lefty be euthanized after hundreds of attacks. The pound did not listen and they adopted Sarrah’s imaginary dog out to some poor imaginary family only to maaaaaaaul another imaginary family.


Poor Sarrah is ashamed- which she should be, cuz that is the worst story ever made up by those morons and they have told some whoppers in the past!

But- I’m not the only one who thinks so, even fellow BSL Advocates are calling bullshit on this tale:


Fiction is the polite way of saying bullllllshiiiit. No one is that stupid- except for Sarrah and the morons who actually believe her pathetic cry for attention.


Aww… Sarrah’s imaginary mommy was mentally ill too…guess the apple didn’t fall from the crazy tree.

10 thoughts on “Sarrah & Her Imaginary Dog

  1. Why didn’t her imaginary well respected vet mom euthanize the horrible blood thirsty Lefty herself? My vet put my dogs to sleep when they were very old. I think that is part of a service offered by Animal Vets… No?

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  2. Fabulous well written blog yet again ………..SJ story , anybody can see that was a pure figment of sheer imagination and fiction BS. Her Mother was not a vet maybe a vets cleaner. What irresponsible owner or being a so called Vet would allow this dog to being around children. Any person in their right mind would have PTS this dog if it was so people or animal aggressive. I call it a jackanory full of BS. Oh well it will add to the other fictional BS Jackanory stories on Daxton Friends. When are you DBO cult idiots going to stop your BS , your all fucking crazy.

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  3. If any of this story is true….then this woman is actually making our case for us. It’s the owner, not the dog. When that puppy acted out at the beginning, why wasn’t the behavioral issue addressed immediately? Any vet on the planet knows that problems with behavior do not just go away. You need to train and socialize your dog. And she says herself, the dog lived outside. Even in the 90s we knew that unfixed male dogs who lived outdoors were the dogs most likely to have issues.

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  4. How does a woman who is intelligent enough to obtain a degree in veterinary medicine allow her daughter to remain almost illiterate?

    This obvious piece of fiction is a perfect example of how plain crazy the haters are. And how silly and gullible they think others are.

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  5. And the chickens… Why is there this perspective among some that a dog that kills a chicken is all of sudden a bloodthirsty killer and not a normal dog? Whats the primary animal ingredient in most dog foods? Oh yeah… Chicken.

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