When Pet Ownership Goes Horribly Wrong


Honest to Pete…. Some people should never, ever, ever, EVER be allowed to be responsible for another life, whether it be for humans or animals. I’m getting to the point that people should be screened and licensed before they are granted with the privilege of caring for another living soul. Let’s face it- some of the greatest examples of human negligence involves the inability to care for children and pets. Sometimes it’s one OR the other but it’s becoming more common that these cases are involving children AND the pet and many times, some of those cases turn out deadly.


So, according to this mother, the dog put the toddler in the bath and then forced the mother to go outside and get the mail- leaving the two year old unsupervised in the bath THEN decided to lock that poor mom out ON PURPOSE. It’s totally not the mom’s fault, right? What would have happened if that two year old would have drowned? It’s not like two year olds don’t have a history of drowning in water unsupervised….oh wait. They do.



……If your dog eats broken glass- jumping on Facebook and asking stupid questions should not be your first choice. How about picking your dog up, putting it in the car, putting yourself in the car and DRIVING TO YOUR VET? Would you ask that same question if your child decided to make a snack out of broken glass?


“Such a great cat! I let my two year old body slam him, sit on him, treat him like a piece of shit and the great cat has never tried to defend it self!” says this candidate for a horrible mother of the year. You know how children learn how to respect animals? From their parents. This is exactly why children get attacked by the “loving” family pets, because parents think it’s cute when their children treat the family pet like their punching bag. It’s great the cat didn’t rip the child’s face off, but now that the mom let their son traumatize the cat, it’s a good guess that the next family won’t be so lucky if they have a toddler.


What the hell is an unplanned heat? If your dog isn’t fixed then you have to know that a heat is coming at some point. Let me guess, this lovely back yard breeder had no clue that if they put their unaltered male great dane with their unaltered female that’s in heat would equal to ….. PUPPIES! With shelters bursting at the seams with puppies and dogs, what’s another 6 babies?


Since I know my BSL advocate fan club like to stalk this blog (Everyone wave Hiiiii!!!) I want them to pay close attention to this picture. Is this okay with you? Is this responsible parenting and dog ownership? Let’s look at the picture a moment- so, the dog has a cone around his head, which might mean he had some kind of medical procedure?  Could the dog not be in his right mind due to pain or medication? Could that change his normal behavior? Alter how he reacts normally? Now put a small child’s face in it. If that dog were to bite, where would it bite? The face? Of course. It would rip that child’s face open. That dog could easily kill that child- and who’s fault would that be? The dog’s? The child’s or the Parents? Obviously the moron taking the picture.

This is why children become statistics when it comes to dog attacks. Children become statistics because the adults make poor decisions when it comes supervising the interactions between dogs and children. Can someone tell me how BSL would prevent this child from being bit? Please explain to me Jeff Borchardt of Daxton’s Friends how BSL will protect this child from becoming a fatality? I’m sorry- what’s that? BSL isn’t supposed to prevent dog bites from all dogs just a select few? Oh that’s right! BSL isn’t about promoting or educating the public about actual dog safety. BSL isn’t about stopping or teaching families how to prevent dog attacks from all dogs….



I think it’s incredibly important that none of these animals are what BSL advocates would consider “pit bulls” ( well- unless it bit a person, then it could be passed off as part pit bull…). Irresponsible dog ownership and negligence go hand in hand and it’s not breed specific. For every example of irresponsible and negligent dog ownership that involves a pit bull type dog I can easily find one that is not pit bull related and this is exactly why BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) is such a total failure. Irresponsible ownership, back yard breeding and negligence is not breed specific. From those pesky ankle biters to the 200 lb hulking dogs that have children riding them because parents think it’s soooo cute. You can’t even call BSL a temporary band aid because it doesn’t address the real issue. The majority of dog attacks are caused by human failure. If you look at each and every dog attack or animal attack you will find that humans where the core issue.


The problem of strays? Totally human fault. It’s no brainer that the majority of issues involving domestic animals stem from human stupidity. When are we going to stop asking animals to fix the messes that WE created?  If you want to be a pet owner, you should be licensed. You should be screened. You should be held responsible. Animals are not disposable. Our pets should enhance our lives and we should enhance their lives. I remember a blogger getting mad at pet owners that consider their pets their children and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what got her undies in such a bunch. If you decide to take on the responsibility of having children or having pets OR having both you have to take it seriously. The bottom line is- our pets are animals and animals have the capability to maim and kill, no matter the size. As parents, it’s our responsibility to do everything in our power to keep our children safe and as pet owners, it’s our responsibility to keep our animals safe and that starts with regulating and holding the human behind the animal responsible. It’s obvious not everyone should own a pet and we need to stop letting animals fall into those hands.

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