Free Pass

…. Everyone, let us welcome Ariana Carolina Hoglo from Alberta Canada. Ariana recently euthanized her dog. She can’t believe her dog attacked her smaller dog! It was so unprovoked!


I mean, according to Ariana- her alpha male pit bull only attacked people… frequently.  Totally not her fault as the owner to keep a dog that repeatedly attacked friends, visitors and random people. I mean, who would ever think that this dog that frequently attacks people would ever attack her little Boston?

Training, meds, more training just couldn’t get Ariana to realize that a dog that’s regularly attacking living people might turn and attack the smaller dog. Totally not her fault as a owner. Just curious, what would have happened if that known aggressive dog attacked her child? Not her fault either?


Come on Daxton’s Friends and this works for you? Removing alllllll blame from owners because they join your hate campaign? Ariana knew from the get go her dog was aggressive. Ariana is responsible for every attack her dog launched. Ariana is responsible for her little dog being mauled- unless you can sit there and say the attack was “out of the blue.” I dare you. I dare you to take this story of a irresponsible woman who knowingly kept a dog with a history of multiple and frequent attacks and tell me this isn’t a case of irresponsible and negligent behavior.


Really Colleen? How many free passes does she get? Oh! As many as she wants now that she finally euthanized her aggressive dog that launched multiple and frequent attacks on people?

The sad thing is- BSL Advocates are sitting around vomiting sympathy all over this negligent owner as Ariana is throwing herself a pity party. Please. Ariana is far more at fault than any dog- she set up the environment for her dog to be attacked by keeping a dog with documented aggression. She put her small dog in a situation knowing full well how dangerous the other dog was. She knowingly put her own child and guests in a dangerous environment knowing that her dog had obvious unchecked human aggression issues. It’s sad her dog paid the price but she’s lucky it wasn’t her child or someone else.

Great job promoting and supporting negligence Colleen and Jeff.


6 thoughts on “Free Pass

  1. Like I said before, deflection at it’s finest! They blame others for everything that happens in their lives. We all know Jeff made a list a mile long blaming everyone but “the babysitter” for his son’s death! Good lord, these people really need to get a clue.

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  2. She chose to do nothing to change the dogs behavior. She chose to ignore the signals given off by the dog. She chose to put her smaller dog in a dangerous environment. She chose to put others in harms way knowing she had an aggressive dog that she could not handle. She chose to be stupid and not a responsible dog owner. The dogs suffered for her stupidity and ignorance.. It was her fault. She should own it!

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  3. Normal people accept responsibility for their failures. Key word = Normal. These idiots huddle together because they are too weak to take responsibility for their own mistakes.

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