Marc Brown- Typical Daxton’s Friends Advocate

I have never seen a victims advocacy trash a deceased victim like I see Daxton’s Friends members do.

“Porsche Cartee, 25, of Spartanburg died from dog bites to the head and body. “- WYFF4 reports

And the blaming begins….


  What kind of victims advocacy speaks about a deceased victim and their family like this? Daxton’s Friends does. Right this moment, founder of Daxton’s Friends Jeff Borchardt has slithered right up to the victim’s boyfriend meanwhile supporting the trash talking of the young man’s deceased girlfriend.


According to Marc Brown, close friends with Jeff Borchardt and fellow board members of Daxton’s Friends- Porsche Nicole is not a victim. That somehow she deserved this.


Why should they receive sympathy from victims advocacy? How many times do we hear Jeff Borchardt cry and whine when someone dares try to hold the owner of the dogs that killed his son responsible- yet he’s perfectly fine with his hate groups mocking and terrorizing other victims? You know why? Because the family of Porsche hasn’t jumped on the Daxton’s Friends band wagon.



Ladies and Gentlemen, Marc Brown… Your typical Daxton’s Friends victims advocate.

6 thoughts on “Marc Brown- Typical Daxton’s Friends Advocate

  1. I just can’t quite understand how Mr Bochart can make derogatory remarks about these people who are actually victims. No matter what he and his band of merry men should not be so hateful. How can they go on this way, and not include Ms. Iwicki as not being held responsible. SMH

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  2. Reblogged this on mongrelsandmen and commented:
    this sort of behavior is typical of DBO cultists like Marc Brown and bogart Boofhead, tick tock!! tick tock!! the whole world can now see these people are not public safety advocates, they are fanatics and we all know how dangerous fanatics are???

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  3. I hope someone showed the gentlemen who’s girlfriend was killed, exactly what the Daxton’s friends, and DBO, and the Dangerous Dogs, and The Pit Bull Problem groups are all about. God only knows, there are thousands of ss, showing exactly what they are like. The are in NO way victims advocates of anything. They are all running from, and trying to cover up their guilt. I find it funny how they trash this victims mother, but it is NOT ok to say anything about those who left their toddlers, young children alone with a dog, or out side unattended, or let their child wander. But this woman’s mother is to blame, yet these people get off scott free, for leaving their children unsupervised. Go figure…

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  4. What sticks with me is Brown’s last statement. That we believe these people to be sub-human and non-cognitive. They’re the ones that always state that we are “pushing” pits to the unknowing public. So is the public mentally incompetent because they don’t research their breed?

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  5. What I find amusing about this is the term Pimp is used many times in his conversations to others. Funny for a group of people who have done nothing but “pimp” their Children and others over and over and over for DogsBite Dot Org. What we have here is psychological projection! Of course these people are mentally unstable. Crazy people don’t know they are crazy

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