You Take That Back!

Dear PETA,

It seems as your new partnership with and the infamous Daxton’s Friends are having issues…


Nancy sure hates to speak the truth…and I don’t blame her! Cult like groups like and Daxton’s
Friends frown on the whole speaking the truth thing… especially when it’s against their new famous buddy!


Nothing is good when it’s taken to the the extreme.” Really? Isn’t that what and Daxton’s Friends do? Isn’t taking things to an extreme what they do best? Distorting numbers? refusing to label dogs the correct breed? 96% of all pit bulls have killed things and the remaining 4% is just waiting to kill things” quote ring a bell?

Who could forget the “pit bull epidemic”?
According to Merritt Clifton, pit bulls make up 5% of the population but somehow they see pit bulls everywhere!
Cars, planes, trains, boats, at parks, at beaches, on corners, in back yards, front yards, Starbucks, Wal-mart, Target… Pit bulls evvveerrywhheerrree….


She’s offended and disgusted by that comparison yet…. They call pit bulls serial killers all the time. How many times have they compared pit bulls to Ted Bundy? Comparing a dog to man who raped, tortured and killed many women makes sense to not one single sane person ever.

I’m surprised Nancy got away with slamming their new buddy and partner in hate so easily…. However, it was short lived.


You take your truthful statement back right now, gosh darn it! How dare Nancy bring up facts! I will forgive Nancy’s dumbass (her words!), but I don’t think her fellow culties will do the same.


Julie, the break stick queen followed PETA’s dump and run cases very closely and since they were never charged then PET must be innocent. Although Nancy is in for it now…. She has earned the wrath of good ‘ole Harve!

WTH Nancy?! How dare you spew PETA’s truthful shit.


Although, besides all that hilarious battle of quacks, it seems as if your own statement PETA kind of kicks the legs out from under your new partner.

image and Daxton’s Friends will no longer blame the multiple breeds of dogs that make up pit bull type and bully type dogs in the horrible attacks. According to PETA, this was done by abused and neglected breed… Which is the fault of the owners of those dogs. Hear that Lynn and Borchardt?

I mean, we get it- PETA really means kill instead of help pit bull type dogs, which is what Borchardt and Lynn really want too, but the fact that PETA shifts the blame from animals to humans kind of knocks out the whole need for BSL/BANS….. Guess we’ll see how that belief goes over in DBO land…

4 thoughts on “You Take That Back!

  1. Almost too much to take in. Again, leave my dog alone, all of them. If you’re going to play with PETA, there will be scrutiny on all that you do. Tread lightly Colleen and Jeff

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  2. I almost made an appointment to see my eye doctor because I couldn’t believe Nancy Perdue was saying those things. Since I can’t add screenshots I don’t think, I will take a little bit of my time and transcribe some of Nancy Perdue’s greatest comments.

    Random Nancy quotes-

    “…Yes as long as you are good your guns will be good too. Guns don’t have thought, feelings, or a personality.”

    “Yeah and don’t forget that guns were used to be nanny weapons to protect children hahaha!”

    “I know in reality though there is no excuse for a dog to attack with out reason. I don’t care if it’s a dog that doesn’t know better or not.”

    When Nancy posted a video of a Pit Bull getting shot.-

    “Love it when the one shitbull gets shot! It’s not so tuff against a gun”

    “…I actually like it when that cop shoots the brindle/white shitbull and it’s yelping/screaming. I’m not at all into animal cruelty but that dog deserved to get shit. I hope the owner of those two shitbulls pays dearly for allowing their stupid blood sport dogs to run loose”

    “The brindle/white shitbull is an unneutered male. It’s real macho until it gets shot stupid thing and the damn the owner for having dogs like that”

    Nancy posting a picture of Caitlyn, the Pit Bull who’s mouth was taped shut, sleeping in bed with a child-

    “I agree that what was done to this dog was wrong, but I wouldn’t let it sleep with a child”

    “I wouldn’t even sit on the porch with a shitbull. Too many people have been proven wrong by these dogs and paid the ultimate price”.

    “…Any shitbull that wears a bandana, tutu, or anything else that makes them look cute, means it’s a warm cuddly fuzzy dog. “NOT!””

    “Well I’m glad the person that did this to that dog is being punished for it. Still that dog would be so much better off in Heaven. Most likely it’s going to be a problem dog no matter where it goes.”

    “Ok a priest blessed her, now peacefully send her into the gates of paradise.”

    Commenting on the dog who’s face was blown off by a firework.-

    “Poor dog! It’s a shame it’s usually always the ones that aren’t out to attack that get abused.” (Please see Nancy’s comment two above this one…yeah.)

    “Blowing up Mickey the pitbull’s face (with fireworks) that mauled a puppy to death, and almost put poor little Kevin Vicente in his grave? Now that would be a cruelty to an animal that I’d enjoy! I’d look at it and say; “Ha how does it feel to have your face ripped & busted up?” I hate that stupid fricken dog and the twisted morons that love it.” (See Nancy’s comment 8 above this one…notice a pattern?)

    And last but not least, Nancy on the temperament of her own dog.
    “My 7 year old Papillon will lick out of affection and also to control herself from biting me when I’m doing something she does like.” (I assume she mean’t doesn’t like) “Like trimming her nails, but I have to muzzle her. Because she’ll only stand it so much until she loses it.”

    I know I could write Nancy quotes all night, but I feel the need to go take a bath in Holy Water after typing her words out. I could never imagine typing those words because that was how you truly felt. It was hard enough to type her words just like this.

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