Recruiting the Broken



It has begun. While the BSL Advocacy is divided, Jeff Borchardt and Dennis Baker have publically reached out to Alexandria Shalaya Griffin-Heady (the owner of the 3 dogs and the sister of the 9 year old boy killed by her 3 dogs.) with the usual deception of having a safe and blame free haven for her within their advocacy.


It hasn’t been a secret how divided the BSL advocacy is over this controversial move.  Many well-known members have publically supported the very idea of the new prospective member to be tossed in jail and have the key thrown away.

“She appears to have learned nothing. Throw the book at her as an example to others.”- Bill Hyslop

 Aleksandra is now officially blaming her dead brother. Claiming that he was abusive to dogs. Sure, children can be abusive and that is not good, but if he stayed alone with three poodles, or three birds, for example, he would be still alive. That is what pit bulls people do, blaming everyone except themselves. She is blocked by me, I hope, she will be jailed to serve as example, at least.”-Serafima Yan

“Proof enough those were fake tears for the camera when she said she’d “suffered enough.”-Aaron Wood

It’s sad watching the BSL advocacy whisper their lies and false promises.

“People will listen to you because they are you….”

No, people will not listen to her, just like they don’t listen to the disgraced babysitter Susie Iwicki. What people will question is, why is the BSL Advocacy calling for someone who left their 9 year old brother (who, according to Alexandria, was known to behave irresponsibly around the dogs..) alone in a traveling trailer to talk to our communities about responsible dog ownership?

Simple Steps


 You have a oppertunity to save others from the samepropaganda that killed Tyler.”- Dennis Baker

Exactly how does she have the “oppertunity” to save others? Exactly how did propaganda kill Tyler?  Dennis is showing just how easy the BSL Advocacy makes it so appealing for irresponsible dog owners to join their cause. It’s all about passing the blame and erasing personal responsibility. It wasn’t Alexandria that kept 3 unaltered dogs in a small travel trailer? Was it a group of random strangers…? It wasn’t Alexandria that allegedly knew that her brother behaved inappropriately with the dogs and STILL left him alone with 3 much larger dogs?  Who did if not her? What propaganda killed Tyler? Absolutely none. Alexandria, her dogs and CPS killed that child and that is what the BSL advocacy wants the public to ignore.


If You Accept

 Alexandria Shalaya Griffin-Heady, my son was also killed by pit bulls in 2013. I would like to speak with you over the phone sometime if you’re willing? I promise to remain civil with you. The death of your brother has caused a great deal of division within our advocacy. 

I’m going to send you a friend request. If you accept, we will take this conversation offline. If you deny, I will completely understand and won’t bother you further.”- Jeff D. Borchardt


It’s interesting watching the founder of Daxton’s Friends, Poster Child and well known cyber stalker Jeff Borchardt lie through his crooked teeth.  He promises to stay civil…. until she either accepts his invite and becomes a vocal BSL Advocate and does EXACTLY what he and Colleen says or…. she doesn’t and then he will rip her to shreds and feed her to the frenzy of extremists circling her in the water.


Of course she won’t be alone within that movement. She will be right next to Susie Iwicki, both women responsible for the death of a child in their care involving irresponsible dog ownership. Look how well she made out, she gets thrown under the bus when it helps the advocacy yet is also the voice of wisdom within the advocacy. She even became a board member of the non profit after the child she was responsible for died under her watch.


Borchardt can promise that Alexandria will be just like Susie… if she just accepts.

The Price is Right


I have no clue what she will chose, but I really think it should be the last thing on her mind, especially considering the Sheriff is recommending criminal charges.  The fact that everything she types on Facebook can and will be used against her and not just in the criminal court system but also in the public eye.  How will the public respond to her attempting to shake off all personal responsibility in the death of her brother, a 9 year old child? How will she be able to stand in front of a jury and attempt to blame “the propaganda machine” while she openly admits to knowing her brother acted in a way that SHE PERSONALLY FELT was unsafe around the dogs and STILL left him with them?

Alexandria, you have more support than you know. There are thousands of heartbroken people that have had their lives shattered because of pit bull attacks – many of them were their own beloved pets. Tons of these brave people are doing whatever they can to raise awareness so all this needless pain and suffering will stop. There’s nothing that can bring Tyler back, but lives can be saved by sharing with the world what you now know. You and Tyler can join us in trying to save others from such horrendous tragedy- Lori Whelbourne

” So advocate against pit bull and have them banned or put down? I’m am not trying to be rude. I am just asking”-Alexandria Shalaya Griffin-Heady

Sign Your Life Away


Whatever she decides to do, she will eventually have to deal with.  Now that she is messaging Borchardt, it will interesting to see if she morphs into  another self proclaimed “victim” under the care of the BSL experts if she decides to go that route. However, you can’t help but wonder how the whole BSL advocacy will feel about having to refer to her as “victim”, especially when the majority of the movement have called her everything but a victim. What does this mean for the BSL Advocacy? Yet another example of them excusing negligence and denying justice all because they think this voice will help them pass BSL laws?

At the end of the day, Borchardt and his fellow BSL advocates can make all of the empty promises they want to Alexandria. They can make her feel that she wasn’t responsible for her own actions but what the courts can do can be just the opposite. Will Borchardt be mailing her flyers if she does go to prison? Will Dennis Baker and Colleen Lynn put money on her books if she goes up the river? Will Lori Welbourne and Mia Johnson fly from Canada and visit her on visiting days? Doubt it, but what is for sure is that no matter what happens to Alexandria, the BSL advocacy will use and abuse her and toss her away when they have used her all up.

6 thoughts on “Recruiting the Broken

  1. Pathetic….all of them. And to think I have 2 family members involved in these groups!? I hope their other immediate family members realise the cult they are involved in, and how it is going to ruin their lives!

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  2. When I saw Jeff Borhardt’s post and meme of a pit bull stating it ate a child and his comment was “YUM”, it completely and absolutely solidified what I knew deep in my heart. He is a sick SOB. His son was killed by two pit bulls in 2013…..and he posts something so vile and disrespectful to his own child???? That screen shot needs to go to every legislator he tries to con. I have stayed away from these people because they are twisted, but Jeff’s post truly exposes how twisted and sick they are…..I state “they”, because anyone who follows such vile behavior is just as guilty,

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