The Twisted Duo


I have written about “She who shall not be named” once before… and to put it mildly, it really got her undies all up in a bunch. However, it seems as if Cindy Marabito has really stepped in it now and instead of putting her big girl pants and taking ownership, she has embraced the extremist Terry Holt and have started a campaign of attacks on anyone daring to speak out against their onslaught of personal cyber attacks.


Fall from Grace

It all began with an article. Marabito wrote an article for the and didn’t do the simple task of fact checking to see if the story was even correct. It’s no secret that Marabito used her position as a “writer” for the Examiner as a means to pay for her “rescue” Reunion Rescue and writing a sob story to pull at the heart strings of readers to garner more click and shares makes perfect sense and it would have been fine if…the story had been true.

According to Marabito, it was just a simple mistake, she just didn’t update/correct/or whatever and instead of owning up to being called out on the incorrect article, Marabito did was Marabito is famous for, throwing epic meltdowns and attacking those that dared to point it out and it seems that this time, her melt down came around and bit her right in the arse. (Check out the article written by imediaethics that exposes Marabito.)  Instead of writing a followup or acknowledging that she, Cindy Marabito made a mistake, she decided to publish the personal contact info of the reporter.



ImeadiaEthics asked Marabito to remove the personal information, which Marabito didn’t. However, what she did do was classic Marabito, calling their lawyers “fucking losers” and and not taking responsibility for her screw up. What Marabito won’t tell you the damage she did to the rescues involved in her sham story.  AmsterDog Rescue, the target of her fake story were drug into the web of lies that Marabito spun in attempt to line her pocket and the fall out of her Marabito’s fake stories is far from over.

Because of her unprofessional behavior, Cindy Marabito was rightfully fired by the while apologizing to imediaethics for Marabito’s childish behavior and removing all of her articles off their site.

Twisted Duo

I’ve kept silent about Terry Holt, Cindy Marabito’s new partner, for a long time. I’ve tolerated him copying and pasting my blog posts for some time, because it really wasn’t worth the hassle but I can’t not sit by and watch Terry Holt and Cindy Marabito attack reputable organizations  and wonderful advocates, like , Kris Diaz and the growing list of victims that those two idiots are creating all because they refuse to support Cindy Marabitos childish vengeful behavior.  Both Holt and Marabito are notorious for their use of cyber attacks, creating dozens of fake profiles in attempt to stalk people, report legitimate Facebook profiles as fake in attempt to harass  both pro and anti BSL advocates who do not see eye to eye with their extremist behaviors and doing more harm than good for the anti BSL advocacy. This isn’t the first time that Holt has been called out on harassing anti BSL advocates who don’t agree with his behavior and it won’t be the last.


  It’s time that Terry Holt and Cindy Marabito grow up and take responsibility for their actions. Cindy Marabitos temper got Cindy Marabito fired. Cindy Marabito’s unethical and unprofessional behavior got Cindy Marabito fired.  At this moment, Marabito is begging for funds to help fund her “rescue” on a monthly basis and while she blames everyone but herself for her own lack of control, she has painted herself as a victim and the majority of people who have had the displeasure of dealing with Marabito knows just how laughable that is.

More to come…..


2 thoughts on “The Twisted Duo

  1. #1 – I called her out in that article for making very selective use of stats, particularly as it related to NYCACC, which has really gotten its act together over the last two years with new management. In fact, she quoted one blogger who had posted about NYCACC in 2012 for manipulating its stats, and then got a little pissy when I quoted the same blogger from 2015 who was actually impressed with the progress. I got attacked by cat people who couldn’t comprehend that if you brought in 20,000 cats, adopted out 17,000 but killed 3,000 (still alot, mind you), that it was an 85% live release rate. Eh. Cat people.

    #2: I thought I saw Terry Holt call her out after this, somewhat gleefully. Odd bird, that one.

    #3: Good riddance.

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  2. I didn’t attack anyone I was defending a friend and got attacked and I reported comments to facebook as is every bodies right but I didn’t make those people say what they said and that’s what got them in trouble with facebook?, and if some people were mistakenly posted to the report page well why not just contact the page there was no need to rally the troupes and mass report the page foamer style?

    And yes I posted her name to that page after I received a pm from a friend which included a screen shot of her attacking me, which I reported to facebook too so if people are getting time off facebook don’t go blaming me I have no control over what they post to their own pages and/or what other people say on those posts.

    The fact is Cindy’s money from the examiner went to the animals at reunion rescue and she was sacked because the dog in the story she posted had been placed in “foster” not adopted as Imediaethics claimed 3 hours before she posted the story? I have every right to respond to comments with my opinion as you have every right to your point of view but it just seemed like a set up to me so I commented?


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