Rising Numbers

Nationwide, statistics show from Jan-Sep, an estimated 26,000 people have been killed in car crashes. Dog bite fatalities in 2015 nationwide? 34. From 2005-2015, in an 11 year period NATIONWIDE, 360 American have died due to a dog bite injury, compare that total for an 11 year time span to the state of Arizona for 2015, which sadly reports that 890 people have died in car crashes. Yet,BSL advocates want to tell you that dog attack fatalities are a rising epidemic and even though dog attack fatalities don’t even make it into the CDC’s leading causes of Death top 10 (Xu, Murphy, Kochanek & Bastain, 2016), they continue to attempt to stir fear and paranoia with skewed statistics and falsified data.

The Bitter Sweet Pill of Truth

Eventually, the truth comes out and the recent article done by Patrick Cain from Global News shares the truth about what every BSL advocate does NOT want the public to see. In 2005, Ontario passes a law to ban and remove all pit bulls and dogs that looked like them from their province.

According the former Attorney General Michael Bryant, this would lower pit bull attacks and cause less attacks by dangerous dogs, and while it makes sense that now that the “pit bull” dog bite statistics have dropped, mainly because there are only about 338 registered pit bull types currently in Toronto, 1,073 less from 2005. Yet it doesn’t explain why dog bites and attacks have kept rising if the real danger was originally  from “pit bulls”.

  (Shaw Media, 2016)



As controversial (and obviously misguided, considering the numbers show that dog attacks didn’t go down after the ban.) as the pit bull ban was and is, Bryant spoke to the Toronto Life in 2011, stating that he doesn’t’ regret banning pit bulls in 2005, but regrets the fall out, even pointing out how much it hurt his former love life with a dog lover he was dating, “she doesn’t know if she can get past it.”

It never is or will be about preventing Dog attacks/bites.

According to BSL advocates, BSL isn’t about preventing dog attacks/bites by all breeds, just by a handful.


Which partially explains why BSL/Bans have been a complete failure in preventing dog attacks and bites. BSL advocates claim “BSL works perfectly if enforced correctly” yet, BSL/Bans haven’t prevented one single dog bite fatality. I  recently asked a BSL Advocate, how effective was BSL in preventing the dog attack fatality of Carmen Reigada in Miami and her response was “Those breeds should have been included in the ban tooo!” and I couldn’t help but wonder now “lab mixes” & Rhodesian Ridgebacks should be banned too, since according to the reports, “The dogs were identified as an American Bulldog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Labrador Mix”

Fighting for the Right to live

Right now, the Canadian province that has a pit bull ban is planning on euthanizing 21 dogs rescued from a dog fighting operation  (The very province that BSL advocates will tell you just how effective the pit bull ban is. ) without giving those 21 victims a chance at a life beyond the fighting ring. What BSL advocates can not do, no matter how hard they try, is to hide the truth on just how successful dogs rescued from well publicized fighting operations like the Vicktory dogs have been. Will Ontario give those dogs a chance to be just dogs? Will Ontario give those dogs a chance to prove their false stereotypical labels wrong? Or will Ontario turn a blind eye and bury these dogs with out even batting an eye? We will find out soon enough…







Jiaquan Xu, M.D.; Sherry L. Murphy, B.S.; Kenneth D. Kochanek, M.A.; and Brigham A. Bastian, B. S.; National Vital Statistics Reports 2016  http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr64/nvsr64_02.pdf




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