Trump Will Save Them!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Donald Trump will fix it all and take down the “Pit Bull Lobby”!


Boom! Gail is ready to rally the troops! Trump will take down ISIS, solve the immigration problem AND DESTROY pit bulls and enact a nationwide ban on the darn land sharks!


Wait a minute… Isn’t BSL considered a special interest?


Oh dear, so Trump won’t save them?


Gail is ready to bet all of it on it!  She even saw him! Granted, Trump probably has bigger things to worry about but…. I’m not sure many in the BSL crowd are keen on the idea of hustling Trump into office…


Well… I guess there ARE things worse than pit bulls in the land of the BSL Advocacy.

6 thoughts on “Trump Will Save Them!

  1. The last quote cracks me up. She is currently following an egomaniac who lies, bullies, threatens those who dont agree with him and encourages violence….

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  2. Deb doesn’t like Trump because “…he encourages hatred of people who don’t look like him, condones violence against people protesting….who lies constantly and behaves like a bully threatening those with who he disagrees. This man is….a hate monger.”

    Gee, sounds like ProBSL’s kind of guy!


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