Jeff Borchardt & Craig Brown- Stalking on Demand



If you listen closely, you will hear the buzzing of bitterness deep within the hive of BSL craziness. One of those voices seething with bitterness is the infamous Jeff Borchardt. Why is he bitter now? What could have possibly triggered his predictable temper tantrum?

A insightful, beautifully written New York Times best seller book that dares to speak the truth and filled with facts about pit bulls.


A book that destroyed anything and everything written by BSL Advocates. A book that confronts the inaccuracy of “statistics” by the notorious Merritt Clifton, who for some reason declined to actually back up his “statistics” when the author contacted to him give him a chance to back up his facts. A book that is supported, enjoyed and loved by professionals and experts… something that no BSL advocate has yet to ever achieve. It’s not like they haven’t tried- I mean,  J Thomas Beasley attempted to write a book, Misunderstood Nanny dogs, unfortunately for BSL advocates it sank faster than the titanic. I suppose the world wasn’t ready for a cut & paste printed copy of, but it shows the glaring difference between a well researched book (like Dickey’s) and a hack job like Beasley.

So yes, Borchardt and his fellow morons have a lot to be bitter about and true to form, the founder of Daxton’s Friends  resorts to his typical behavior…. sending out the stalkers and one in particular, Mr. Craig Brown.  It’s not like Craig Brown is new to the stalker world, in fact, he reeeeaaallly enjoys stalking people and children. Yes, you read that right- Mr. Craig Brown enjoys stalking children.


It’s his love for stalking that Borchardt knew that Brown was the best man to send to stalk and harass Bronwen Dickey at her book reading/signing which he happily did.


Even AFTER he was removed and the police had been dispatched because of his harassment and stalking, he found it necessary to attempt to pass out Daxton’s Friends fliers provided by Jeff Borchardt.

I can’t help but find the false bravado from Borchardt to be somewhat amusing. While he sits behind his keyboard in his little town in Wisconsin, always bragging about he’ll face any pit bull owner anywhere to “educate” them on his views, both him, I and a certain media group now just how false that really is.



In attempt to set it out all on the table, I encouraged a face to face  with Borchardt to be aired on a cable network channel. I even agreed to fly to his little hell hole and buy the jobless man a cup a coffee while we discussed our differences of views. I thought for sure, the man who keeps pounding his little chest and proclaiming how he would set pit bull owners straight in a face to face would absolutely jump at the chance to “educate” me with his “facts”…. surprisingly, he declined. Here was this platform with access to millions and he refused. I even agreed with producers to not to write about his growing incoherent online rants for a bit and he still chickened out. At the end of the day Borchardt showed his true colors and yellow fits him.

While I’m sure that Ms. Dickey will never have to worry about Borchardt ever growing the balls to ever face her one day, it’s no secret he will send his stalker buddies just like Brown to follow her and harass her at every opportunity.


…. and if they can’t physically stalk her, they will make sure to stalk her online also.



Welcome to the world of BSL advocates….

6 thoughts on “Jeff Borchardt & Craig Brown- Stalking on Demand

  1. What a pansy. Why doesn’t Borchardt attend a reading himself? Hiding behind the girls skirts as usual. How can he answer anybody’s questions with a block list of 2K people? Me. Dicey in a NYT best selling author. Brown is a heckler. Borchardt is just a pathetic coward who is mad Me. Dicey did not interview HIM

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  2. sounds like the people who accuse me of being a psychopath based solely on the fact I have schizophrenia. They harass me on FB, leave little boxes with wires poking out them that say ‘Boom’ on my porch, and call for town meetings to have me removed before I go ‘devil crazy’ and kill someone. The fact I have a lab pit shepherd mix doesn’t help.

    But when it comes to actually facing me? they run away, or cancel the towns meetings as soon as they find out I am attending. Hate to say it, but I enjoy the fact I scare the shit out of them sometimes. It’s especially hilarious when they scream about how dangerous I am while I am fostering abused animals (including pittys) and they (one of their ring leaders) is captured on video beating a neigbors Chihuahua with a golf club because it barked at him. I fucking love people

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  3. And how many times have I asked WJ, JB, and a few others why they accept those in that group, that actually owned and bred the dogs that killed their family members? And all I hear is crickets!! Go figure. They will run into the wrong person, or woman, who’s husband or boyfriend will not take their shit, and that will be all she wrote. I actually feel sorry for his wife, and his son. That poor kid will never really get to know his father, and will have to live in his dead brothers shadow forever. So sad.

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